Therefore, a H1B RFE is highly possible to be received by H1B applicant who works off-site. Print This Page H-1B RFE … 5. H1B RFE – F1 STEM OPT Maintenance of Status – Training Plan, Location I am not working at the actual employer location and working at a different location. USCIS has raised that point in RFE. To prove status from Oct 1st 2014, I need to produce all pay stubs from October 2014, but I have pay The RFE was triggered by my paystub which said professional contract work on the paystub. I got an RFE while transferring my H1B from company A to company B. Here is summary of statements from RFEAccording to the provided pay statement provided in … RFE asks for details like client letter and proof of maintenance of status from 1st Oct 2014(Day from which my H1B was valid). It is hard to establish a validate employer-employee relationship when the work is performed off-site. My Last two petition got approved - one was valid for one month - 14th Nov -2019 to 26th D Maintenance of Status Hi , I got an RFE - Maintenance of Status , filed on behalf of me. An RFE regarding maintenance of status was issued on my H1B petition. Hi I am a resident of India and would be soon coming to USA on H4 (dependent spouse visa). Information for H-1B RFE and Response & H1B visa & employment & family based US Immigration Law by Immigration Lawyer Ajay K. Arora, Attorney-at-Law, P.C. 10/16- Got Job, Company B filed for H1b Transfer on premium processing 12/16- Received 1 RFE, (Mainly about the Employee-employer relationship, PO,SOW) 01/17- Received 2 RFE about Maintenance of Status. My employer wants to withdraw the change-of-status request, and switch it to consular notification. 2RFE mainly The information contained in this answer is provided for informational purposes