For example in a Montessori classroom children are encouraged to  try and work conflict out via talking honestly and in a positive way to each other, by teachers refraining from providing an immediate solution, children are encouraged to use their own skills to resolve conflict. Help your students understand the value differences between cultures. A scaled-back American Music Awards has taken place at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, with only small groups from the same families in the audience... Beauty: Includes the best of BusyTeacher: What to Do When You Encounter Cultural Differences, 5 Tips for Boosting Student Confidence in YOU. You may even end up with classroom conflict because your students have misunderstood each other through the common barrier of the English language. Click an image to sign-up. Click the image below to download the FREE Responsible Punch Cards. Empowering of the child which comes with their right to make choices in their self learning journey naturally eliminates the need for a child to be overpowering when interacting with their peers. A clash may come because one nationality has a bad historical relationship with another culture. About one week into the project, a student from another group is added to your group, bringing the total to five. Have a short sit down with each of the people involved, the offended and the offender, separately. Try to see the situation from each person’s perspective. Teach Kids How to be Responsible with the Best Books and Videos, Filed Under: classroom management, social emotional learning. Teach kids to solve problems peacefully and resolve conflicts independently. Montessori teachers put a lot of thought into why children behave a certain way. If you have open communication with your students helping them understand one another, you will be surprised at the good that can come from a problematic situation. Importantly in that process, children need to come to their own conclusions.”. Think of culture like an iceberg – you can only see a small portion of it above the water, but the largest part is hidden under the water. Focusing on the child, teachers at Montessori East ask themselves, what’s going on developmentally for the children in relation to their social and emotional maturity? Check out this year-long morning meeting resource today! I love to shape little minds and hearts. Bill Conway, Principal of Montessori East Primary & Pre School talked me through dealing with conflict from a Montessori teaching perspective. Up to 70 percent of our immune system is centered in and around the intestines and gut, meaning protecting this part of the body is crucial to good he... Christmas Recipes: There are so many fun ways to teach conflict resolution to your students. In the best of circumstances, your students will walk away having resolved their conflict and increased their understanding of one another’s culture. It was interfering with the rest of This is a set of 48 conflict scenario/situation cards. Whatever the reason, you can overcome cultural clashes if you remain calm and address the situation in a sensitive and careful manner. Conflict in the Classroom. What does that look for me –  how does it work or not work? All Rights Reserved. Conflict is a disagreement or problem that happens between two or more people. Title: Classroom Mangement Scenarios Author: Statewide Instructional Resources Development Center Subject: Human Services Created Date: 3/19/2014 1:57:56 PM If you’re looking forward to teaching conflict resolution in your classroom, here are a few activities you can use to make it fun. They’ll need to be able to identify the problem and try to understand what’s causing it. These pressures socialise children in ways that present behaviours that are anti-social in the classroom and playground context. Enlightened teaching practises such as the Montessori philosophy of education takes a more proactive and child centred approach when dealing with this important topic. Transform your classroom with a daily 15 minute morning meeting.