I’m really into their “seltzer’ade” line right now. All rights reserved. However, it is a bit fragrancy in a negative way, almost like a soap from Bath & Body Works. Rating: 9, Perrier overly lemony flavor, almost candy-like and sometimes tastes like a lemon cough drop. La Croix is probably the most popular flavored sparkling water brand and it … A post shared by LaCroix Sparkling Water (@lacroixwater) on Feb 19, 2019 at 6:30am PST No surprise there. My favorite flavor is Lemon, and it has only 1 calorie and o grams of sugar. For the taste test, I sampled 33 different seltzer waters in several flavors from brands such as LaCroix, Polar, Perrier, Waterloo, Coca-Cola’s Dasani, Pepsi’s Bubly, Alta Palla, and Target’s Simply Balanced. That’s why sparkling water is a great alternative to boring old water. I'm a bubble person too. LaCroix won the overall popular vote, but when the score was broken down by flavor, Bubly’s mango and apple flavors did slightly better than LaCroix’s. A real coconut flavor, almost a toasted coconut vibe, which makes it sweeter and better. LaCroix’s regular lime flavor is lacking that citrusy zing. Rating: 8, Waterloo Black Cherry is the clear winner in the battle for cherry superiority. But Waterloo’s watermelon seltzer is the best of the bunch and less saccharine flavor. Bubly was strong, but extremely bitter with less of a scent. In fact, several testers hadn’t ever heard of Klarbrunn. Rating: 6, Polar offers a cranberry lime seltzer, again Polar goes the safe route with a mildly flavored seltzer that is not overpowering or tastes like a Yankee Candle. It’s not too candy-like, but it isn’t too boring either. The seltzer water market is exploding as people are in search of healthier food and drink. The best seltzer water brand that I tried in this taste test was Waterloo. Black Cherry Polar is doable. We went on the hunt to find what the best brands and most delicious flavors of sparkling water are. Rating: 9, Passionfruit is a highly underrated flavor (not as underrated as guava, which should totally be a more popular flavor) and LaCroix offers a passionfruit-flavored seltzer water. This drink features the tartness of cranberries but is balanced out by the sweetness of oranges. His articles have been cited in numerous media powerhouses such as USA Today, New York Daily News, New York Post, CNN, Sports Illustrated, Huffington Post, Deadspin, and The Big Lead. La Croix gave off an aroma of Mr. I also have a sodastream. In fact, the Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee published in July 2020 found data that nearly 70 percent of added sugars come from five food categories—one of those being, yep, sweetened … Rating: 8, Dasani Pear Kiwi is mostly a sweet pear flavor and not too much of a taste of kiwi. PepsiCo’s newly debuted brand of flavored sparkling water aims to make a big splash, with a peppy ad campaign that rolled out during the Oscars. Rating: 8, Simply Balanced’s Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water is a refreshing blend. This is a great seltzer for around Thanksgiving, but not everyone will appreciate this flavor combination. I am totally happy with my Kroger (grocery store brand) sparkling water in cans. ← Man Fathers 18 Babies All Over The Country After Putting Up A 2014 Craigslist Ad About His Abnormally Strong Sperm, The Internet Reacts To The NY Giants Trading Odell Beckham Jr. To Cleveland In Blockbuster Deal →, Simply Balanced’s Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water, LaCroix offers a passionfruit-flavored seltzer water, Simply Balanced has a cranberry citrus flavor. Spindrift is by far my favorite sparking water on the market right now. Rating: 9, LaCroix Coconut is a very loose interpretation of what coconut tastes like. Rating: 9, The key lime flavor from LaCroix is one of my favorites, but I must disclose that I love key lime pie, so there might be some bias here. It's the only sparking water that's flavored with real fruit (it's completely free of artificial and "natural" flavors that you see in brands like bubly and LaCroix). Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Rating: 7, Simply Balanced Sparkling Watermelon is refreshing, but nothing mindblowing. Rating: 7, Waterloo has a very pleasing lime seltzer with a crisp and refreshing flavor. For the taste test, I sampled 33 different seltzer waters in several flavors from brands such as LaCroix, Polar, Perrier, Waterloo, Coca-Cola’s Dasani, Pepsi’s Bubly, Alta Palla, and Target’s Simply Balanced. LaCroix’s parent company is being sued over the allegedly false claim that the product is “all natural.” The chemicals identified in the lawsuit, however, are both safe and naturally occurring. This is very minty with a hint of cucumber, so if you don’t enjoy mint this is not for you. So if you’re Team Pear you’ll enjoy this seltzer water. It’s not the bright, sweet flavor that apricots have. I drink it more for the carbonation than the flavor, so I just buy the store brands. LIME. Seconding the Bubly, although I'm partial to the lime (always sold out so other people must like it too) and cherry flavors. With the demand for seltzer water growing exponentially every single year, there are more and more competitors and varieties flooding the carbonated water market. I think the average psi from the grocery store is ~45 psi and I set mine to carbonate to 60-65. The cherry limeade is my favorite, especially super cold right out of the fridge. It has no artificial sweeteners, no non-nutritive sweeteners (like stevia or monk fruit extract), and no sugar alcohols. The Lemon Bubly is the best- the flavor is so much fuller than LaCroix, which I liked but never felt very satisfied with. If you’re a fan of Florida’s signature dessert than you’ll love this. The flavor of pear is very polarizing, some people love it, some people hate it. If you want even more unique and daring flavors try Dasani and if you enjoy sparkling water with only a hint of flavor then Polar seltzer water is for you. Rating: 7, Dasani Tropical Pineapple doesn’t put you on a Hawaiian beach, but it does have a sweet, yet tart flavor. Otherwise, your next best bet for being cost-effective is Target, where they sell 8-packs (typically retail for $5.99, or $0.75 a can — sometimes they go on sale for a $1 off). LaCroix vs. Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Let's get one thing clear: LaCroix is absolutely healthier than soda or sugar-sweetened beverages like iced tea and lemonade. Another popular flavor is Raspberry Lime, which is 9 calories and 1 gram of sugar. Polar. I set up my own CO2 tank two years ago and never looked back. Not sure if club soda and sparkling water are the same, but my personal favourite is lemon-lime Canada Dry club soda.