I got an automated message saying something about my tax going bad and I was about to be arrested by federal police, and I should press 1 for more details. Nuisance caller. I have direct debits set up so i know it's BS. Could potentially trick others. The only one, I heard was press 2 to disconnect your internet. Who is it? This number calling me since April. A few seconds later I received a text message from 447537416555 saying "Success! Definite scam. You can also compare any mobile with any mobile or tablet, new or old cheap or costly mobile phone. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. ANZ: Your recent payment of 590 has been put on hold for extra security checks. Received a message "Hello James, we received Ur application, Thanks for Ur request: http://2lz.link/R30i2". DO NOT FOLLOW THIS LINK ON YOUR PHONE!! We will see you soon. If you get one, just try first to do web search regarding the phone number you receive the message from. Claiming to be Telstra and will cut your internet off if you don't pay the bill immediately over the phone. No phone number displayed. Sounds like a scam. No Voicemail was left, returned call and phone just rung out. Asked for feedback on 'a service I had recently purchased' without giving specifics. Sounded like a scam. It says the caller is from Red Hill, Vic! Automated voice telling me my tax file number had been suspended. Just hang up. Search for: Loading... Home adminh 2019-06-17T17:34:21+00:00. Recorded message alleging someone had been using my identity for criminal purposes. audio quality was really bad very broken up. Scam. Our database is the largest of it's kind in the world and is constantly updated with new cell phone numbers and contact details. Hung up when I answered, rang back and was unavailable. Deteled number, Keeps calling but doesn’t leave a message and doesn’t say anything when it is answered, Spam call - unwanted call no message left. He then asked if I had made a transaction for $800 to someone in New Zealand. Claimed to be from Mastercard in Melbourne. Referred to herself as "Dorathy" << yes that spelling. When I tried to call back it said number was disconnected. Claiming to be from the tax office and I had x amount of days before legal proceedings were about to be taken out against me...... Spam caller;.. this is one of likely hundreds of numbers called from. Warning arrest. “Greedy”, Rang and let go to answer machine but didnt leave message as just another nuisance call. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami's NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. And there we have it – how to get or set users mobile numbers from active directory in bulk. However, there are a few ways you can find someone’s phone number (and business phone numbers are still easy to find). Scam number calling and pretending to be nbn technology department. Said my annual fees were due - they aren't, we pay by the month, I rang back the number 0488 812 491, spoke with someone who hung up right away, I called back the number (07) 3558 8973 spoke with a guy but couldn't hear him when he mentioned the company name, I called back the number (02) 8488 1263 but the call didn't go through. Possible spam. Send strange messages, name of someone who I don’t know (assuming they have the wrong number). Suspect scam as I've been getting 2x scam calls a day recently :( (all from Sydney CBD or Sydney's west, eg Parramatta/Blacktown area). Apparently my internet is getting cut of in 4 hours. Have blocked. No message, Another call about tax file and suspension, saying nbn has been tampered with illegal use, Saying my Tax File Number being suspended.........what evs, I returned a call from (07) 5525 1451 but the voicemail didn't mention the company name, I called back the number (03) 7019 8701 but was routed automatically to an ivr, I called back the number (02) 8922 2443 but was routed automatically to an ivr, got a message from this number (03) 9917 3279 who said it was a Marketing Campaign call, Returned a call from (08) 9398 1427 and spoke with someone who told me I called Go Dental Surgery, I called back the number (08) 9244 2881 but the phone just kept ringing. Ebay send out emails for that sort of thing...hang up, peoples! Warning that we are about to be disconnected from the NBN because of 3rd party access to the IP address or similar. Same as others. Scam number now. The Definitive Cell Phone Directory. Payment needed. I returned a call from (07) 4243 6475 but reached vm for Employsure, I tried to call back the number (02) 9054 5253 but the person who picked up the phone disconnected the call, the lady on the phone from this number (07) 3608 4659 mentioned Followmont Transport, I rang back the number (02) 9054 4425 once but got disconnected, I returned a call from 0421 418 571 but the voicemail didn't mention the company name, I called back the number 0488 812 529 but the call didn't go through, got a voicemail from Chase Edwards on this number (02) 9063 7851, I called back the number (02) 9675 5993 but the call didn't go through, I returned a call from the number (02) 4443 7105 and spoke with someone who mentioned the company Bosco Accounting, This caller rang this morning stated that they were from the federal tax centre and if I did not press one I would be arrested at a Federal Court be aware is an automated message I’ve rang the number back and there is no response. It's really not that hard to keep time you know? for some reason. Automated message saying Congratulations you have installed something. Didn't pick up but clearly some sort of scam. Called by an unknown phone number? Recorded message saying I've place an order with ebay for $299. Do not click on the link or give them personal information! Scam. No name recorded. Asking if I had solar panels installed. Block this number. this number 0402 025 773 just kept ringing when I called back, Kept asking if I was waiting on an order from Global Direct. Text message reads: [PayPal] Due to PayPal regulatory requirements, you will now experience limited usage of your paypal personal account until you confirm your identity at https://paypal-safetyau.help/?paypal It's fake, report it to scamwatch.gov.au, an Aussie female voice saying my internet & land-line has been compromised by a 3rd party, and that my internet will be disconnected. For further details it asked to press 1. Seemed extremely illegitimate. It is a scam call which I did not answer. I called back number (07) 4152 9288 reached IVR for Priceline Pharmacy. asking me to click on a link to win a Coles card. Caller, called me Ma'am and told me that my NBN was about to be disconnected. Don't deal with Amazon. Stay home and stay safe”, Same useless scum day in day out that don`t have the balls to leave a message, they are all a wasted life, Call looking for someone else tell them wrong number but they keep calling and threatening with messasges. Coming soon: a free reverse lookup by cell phone number too! Robo call type message. So blocked number on phone and reported as spam. Obviously i didnt press 1 and hung up, Threaten legal action about a "federal case" against you - don't press 1 - just hang up and block caller, Scam telling me that it was Telstra and to press 2 to stop my internet line being disconnected. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. They had the wrong person. I only answered twice don't bother now. He hung up on me when I asked for his address. Spam caller, knew my name, then hung up after asking for me. So I deleted the call it definitely has to be a scam. I didn't as I suspected this was a Scam. You may be able to find more information about the caller based on others’ experience. Scammer with a recorded message saying my Amazon Prime account will be renewed and that money will be deducted from my account and that I should press 1 on the phone. Wants you to click a link. Qld Theatre company, Want you to donate $350 for some crappy advert. I received a call from this number with a recorded message and option # to press for various reasons. Blocked them. Left some garbled voicemail message about a delivery that only exists in some fictional reality.....! Kind of funny to listen to. Claim it here: j45.me/RlOY1”. Blocking number.