Random orbit sanders | With a random orbit sander from Bosch you will achieve the best results on different surfaces such as wood, metal or plastic. The motor just stopped. Sign In ... With my dad's big heavy arms and the impatient trying to finish the skirting boards quickly the 2005 Bosch sander did exactly the same as the B&Q junk and started to explode. do you have any suggestions on what I should "look for" when I take it apart? Free Member. From concrete to brick: questions and tips for working with stone from pros for pros. Learn more! The motor is a little less powerful at 2.5 amps, and sanding speed range is slightly narrower at 7,500 to 12,000 orbits per minute. The motor just stopped after I had been using it for about ten minutes. Create a personal account on the Bosch registration page. Corded Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander/Polisher Kit with Dust Collector and Soft Carrying Bag, Blue TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander 3.0A with 12Pcs Sandpapers, 6 Variable Speed 13000RPM Electric Sander, High Performance Dust Collection System, Sander for Woodworking - PRS01A When the drive belt breaks you will get that tell-tale burning smell, and your tool will stop working even though the motor is still running. My old Bosch Random Orbital Sander died while I was using it yesterday. #3.The problem in the Bearing (both air and Electric orbital sander) Hence air flow cannot affect much on the rotor or in other words, the rotor rotates slower than usual. If your tool has a drive belt—like a sander or a planer—that is the first place to check. Explanation of the functionality of the forum, suggestions and requests. Leveling, measuring & detecting – find questions and answers about about measuring tools. These tools are suitable both for sanding and polishing – even on curved surfaces. They share their results here in the Bob Community. Everything you need to know about Bob. My Bosch Random Orbital Sander 3727-DVS just stopped working when I was using it yesterday. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Are you a new customer? There is a minuscule chance there could be a circuit board, but I would be surprised to see one. A forum community dedicated to professional woodworkers and enthusiasts. Sander stopped working. Chat with the Bob Community members about topics not related to power tools. Diagnosing this smell could change depending on the age, type and design of your power tool. Buy the right tool, use the best equipment, questions on service - pros helping pros in the Bob Community. I will probably have to fix it myself. If you're accustomed to hand sanding or using a belt sander where you constantly keep things moving, this one can take a bit of a perspective shift to wrap your head around. © Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH 2017, all rights reserved, You have successfully added product to the cart, Plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology, Drywall screwdrivers & impact wrenches/drivers, Find registered products - in the old Portal. jambourgie. If it's old I would first inspect the switch to see if the motor is getting power. I was using it on a site and was using it plugged into a Lithium ION battery / and pure sine wave inverter (probably not a good idea in retrospect.). Questions and answers for working with our Professional cordless garden tools. They typically don't have anything fancy, just a universal motor. My old Bosch Random Orbital Sander died while I was using it yesterday. Because both brush and power switch failures are common--and because both breakdowns present similar symptoms--diagnosing between them when symptoms present can be tricky. This makes the orbital sander to stop spinning eventually. Pro Tool Reviews is a successful online publication that has been providing tool reviews and industry news since 2008. Power switch assemblies and carbon brushes are two of the most commonly-replaced power tool parts. Come join the discussion about shop safety, wood, carpentry, lumber, finishing, tools, machinery, woodworking related topics, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Like the DeWalt D26453, the Bosch ROS20VS gets raves from experts and owners, but has a slightly friendlier price point. If that checks out I would check the brushes and armeture to see if they are alright. Orbital Sander: Losing power with pressure. JavaScript is disabled. But - random orbital sanders are designed to be used extremely slowly.