Diddy' Combs Refuse To Die — This Song Lyric May Reveal The Truth, Erica Mena Threatened To Leak Nicki Minaj's Nudes — Then Threw Shade When She Got Called Out​, homophobia is still commonplace in hip hop, 13 Subtle Signs Of Cheating You Probably Would Never Suspect, Meet The 9-Kid, No-Technology Plath Family Featured In New TLC Show 'Welcome To Plathville', In Relationships, People Care More About This Deal-Breaker Than Anything Else, Remember When Kamala Harris And Montel Williams Dated? But this is a full-circle moment, everybody. He released his debut album Coastal Grooves in 2011. The multitalented offered further details on his new mixtape in a note accompanying the announcement, saying: "My new record is called “Angel’s Pulse” & I performed, produced and mixed the entire thing myself. Is Diddy Gay? Blood Orange Re-Envisions 18th Century European Aristocracy In 'Benzo' Video. As the hook arrives, the song abruptly morphs into a pensive guitar vamp, and we’re treated to an interlude with trans activist Janet Mock, riffing about the value of “doing too much” in a culture that doesn’t allow marginalized people to truly excel at much of anything. July 15, 2019 • Blood Orange creates a decadent and gorgeous video for a track off his latest project, Angel's Pulse. Instead, the album sounds more like a downcast mixtape constituted from helter-skelter sounds, sketched-out musical ideas, and conversation fragments. "It's ok, Diddy, to just come out and be a gay man. Blood Orange's songwriter, Dev Hynes, announced a new mixtape called Angel’s Pulse … Before Wendy Williams was a staple on television, she was a loud-mouthed radio disc jockey in New York City. 100% Authentic Merchandise & Vinyl. [Pre-Chorus: Danny Brown] The features all show up ready to deliver with strong and captivating vocals to match Hynes'. Ayy, it's the plot all along Delicate and fierce, fetishized and rebuked, black swans live at the intersections: they’re both/and, more than one given thing at any given time. Standing on the corner, if you see me, I'ma ball It was a great year for some of us and for some of us that s**t was really, really, really hard man. Blood Orange is a rapper born Devonté Hynes who is best known for his work with the likes of Solange Knowles and Mariah Carey. Had my head above water, had to keep movin' on © 2020 Getty Images. Ride past all the kids, yellin' out, "Bingo" has been about multiplicity and blurring categorizations. He released his third project Freetown Sound in June 2016, which reached number 10 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-hop charts and received an aggregate review score of 82 on Metacritic. (Hynes has described his aesthetic as open tabs on a browser; that is certainly the case here). But these latest rumors about Diddy's sexuality suggest that where there's smoke, there's fire — and there's more evidence than ever that he just might be gay. It features Blood Orange and was produced by Standing on the Corner, who worked with Earl Sweatshirt on Some Rap Songs, and Paul White who has worked with Danny in the past. Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. Though many have speculated that the man born Sean Combs was homosexual, he's been in several high-profile romantic relationships with women — including the late Kim Porter — that have produced several children, including Christian Combs, who is himself pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Standing on the corner, if you see me, I'ma ball, In a system that's designed, one strike, take it all. Wood-grain wheel, tell me how you really feel In the seven years since he first appeared under the Blood Orange alias, non-normative Hynes (who identifies as not gay, but not straight) pushes back against machismo and male power in an effort to diversify stylistic representations of black masculinity. Devonté Hynes (a.k.a. Click here to request Getty Images Premium Access through IBM Creative Design Services. On his fourth studio album as Blood Orange, musical polymath Devonté Hynes explores the comforts and complications of living a life as both/and—of being treated, to borrow from Thelonious Monk, as an ugly beauty. This time.. I’m calling it a mixtape. Break down, lock down, run up on a ball (Nothing that you used to) Despite its thematic focus on anxiety—or maybe because of it—Negro Swan is a drifty, loose, dissociated affair. Ayy (Ayy), shine light, man, shine (Shine) Needless to say, that video post sparked hundreds of comments from fans, begging him to "come out of the closet" and encouraging him to live his truth. Negro Swan’s cauldron of abstract soundscapes, melancholic drift, and disjointed musical ideas will frustrate those looking for more structured pop, and it will enliven others who can respect the slapdash, bricolage aesthetic as a key element in Hynes’ creative master plan. Everything that I known turned out to be lies Break down, lock down, run up on a ball (Shinin' on myself, so) Let's look at what we know about the truth of his sexuality. In a system that's designed, one strike, take it all Why they buy the diamonds and the car with shiny chrome Hold it in, thinkin' no one will believe you As recently as 2018, Fif has been calling Diddy "gay" at every turn, including on a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. Get the hottest music, news and videos delivered directly to your inbox. NEVERMIND, TAKE ME BACK “No one wants to be the Negro Swan,” he laments on “Charcoal Baby.” “No one wants to be the odd one out at times…/Can you break sometimes?” Hynes goes for the anachronistic “Negro” to suggest the history of racial abjection—just like the phrase “Charcoal Baby” evokes 19th-century blackface performers who used burnt cork, or charcoal, to darken their faces for white audiences. For a project focused on fragility that asks the question, “Can you break sometimes?” the album closes on a blissful note that dreams of wholeness. Standing on the corner, if you see me, I'ma ball Push you down the wrong path, the statistics have shown The whole world is evil to contemporary identity struggles around sexual fluidity and anti-racism. Somewhat of an epilogue to the thing I’ve made before. Hynes’ production goes for pretty, sprightly textures: sampled street sounds, twinkling electric piano, chicken-cluck wah-wah guitar, and a mid-tempo funky shuffle beat. I was taught, "Look out for your people" Dev Hynes has come a long way since his tenure in the dance punk outfit Test Icicles and the days when he was making indie rock records as Lightspeed Champion. I decided to release it. Negro Swan’s world-weary opening track “Orlando” offers a 21st-century update on those tragic politics of deflation and depletion. Like most of the tracks on Negro Swan, “Orlando” isn’t content to be just one thing. Ayy (Ayy), like I'm runnin' out of time Played like a bong, had to stay strong Report this video! Effen Blood Orange Vodka. The Avalanches have revealed the star-studded tracklist for their upcoming album We Will Always Love You, out next month on Astralwerks.The 25-track (!) Got on that red line while I'm playing Flock of Seagulls Besides “Orlando,” glum, detuned “Dagenham Dream” also explores the ins and outs of his earliest memories (the title refers to a scrappy neighborhood in East London); and on foreboding "Nappy Wonder,” featuring cellist and singer Kelsey Lu, Hynes reminisces about former days in Barking (another East London town) over doodling piano, reversed guitar riffs, and drum and bass that irregularly drop in and out of the track. There are a lot of citrus flavored vodkas out there, but only one has rapper 50 Cent as its front man. His last release, 2016’s Freetown Sound, ventured far afield, musing on his immigrant parents’ lives and merging political activism with melancholia for late 1980s queer NYC life. Speak in code so nobody know the lingo {{collectionsDisplayName(searchView.appliedFilters)}}, {{searchText.groupByEventToggleImages()}}, {{searchText.groupByEventToggleEvents()}}. [Verse 2: Danny Brown] European colonizers, however, tended to malign the birds as evil, ugly, and unwelcome, simply due to their color. Hynes has long made good as an in-demand alternative pop producer for starlets like Carly Rae Jepsen and Solange; and more recently, he’s had unexpected collaborations with A$AP Rocky, Girlpool, and Philip Glass. Down on the corner, if you see me, I'ma ball In fact, Hynes’ entire career (oscillating between bands, solo ventures, aliases, side projects, auteur experimentalism, work-for-hire pop, etc.) Foremost Devonté Hynes solo project, melding soul, funk, post-punk, and chillwave since Coastal Grooves (2011). In fact, he might be the key figure connecting the black polymath template (think of other Renaissance men like Smokey Robinson, Babyface, Pharrell Williams, Tyler, the Creator, etc.)