The 1.5 cu ft. of coco/perlite was 20 bucks. The heavily amended "potting soil" looks to be quality at 14 bucks i believe. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive. It is a general-purpose potting mix that can be used right out of the bag for both indoor and outdoor plants. ft. Potting Soil California 1010172459 at The Home Depot - Mobile Miracle-Gro Breaks Into The Cannabis Industry With Black Magic My … I will stick to brick coco by Canna. This potting soil, which is perhaps the must-have potting soil for vegetables, contains a unique mixture of reed sedge peat moss and other materials, and retains enough moisture to sustain active plant growth during dry spells. 2.1 It contains the nutrients your plants need to thrive; 2.2 It allows for aeration and moisture retention; 2.3 It has a great consistency; 3 How do you use Black Magic Potting Soil?. Black Magic 1.5 cu. Contents. Best Organic Potting Soil For 2020 (Reviews and Comparison) ... Organic Plant Magic potting soil expands up to 7 times when mixed with water. 1 Black Magic Transplant Soil Review: Useful Information about this Helpful Soil Mixture; 2 What are the advantages of using Black Magic Potting Soil for growing plants?. Features. The Black Gold potting soil really revives tired and lifeless plants in the space of only a couple of weeks. Cmon. Black Magic also sells 5 and 10 gallon fabric pots with handles but forget it. The 10 gallon ones are a whopping 12 bucks if i remember.