In 2010, the game was included as one of the titles in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. The design of Jade evolved throughout the game's development, both in terms of her appearance and psychology. Pey'j is abducted by the DomZ and taken to a slaughterhouse that is to be launched to a lunar base. A military dictatorship called the Alpha Sections takes power, promising to defend the populace. The problem that occurred is that once the player is too far away from a particular object with an applied texture (most notable in the overworld Hillys), a lot of these textures collide with one another which creates a distorted effect. After confronting the DomZ High Priest on Hillys' moon, she learns that she is known to the DomZ as "Shauni" (incidentally also her IRIS Network codename), and was bequeathed with a spiritual power stolen from them centuries ago. She is then recruited by the IRIS Network, an anti-government resistance movement trying to expose a collaboration between the DomZ and Alpha Sections, an elite military group supposedly created to fight the DomZ. Jade's first target of investigation is a factory under Alpha Section occupation. [6] In an interview with Play, Ancel described Jade as having "a soul like a real person" rather than simply a puppet for the players to control. If Jade is attacked, her health gauge will deplete. the camera sound when you are pointing at an animal; the gyrodisk once it collides with a wall). When she runs out of money to power the lighthouse's shield generator, Jade takes a photography job cataloging all the animals on Hillys. [2] While Jade has been cited as a black character,[3] Miller states that she has no established ethnicity, since the game takes place on another planet. Beyond Good & Evil takes place in the year 2435 on the mining planet of Hillys, located in System 4. Using the Beluga, the ship Pey'j used to travel to Hillys, Jade and Double H go on a mission to the DomZ lunar base. In reality, the HD version is the PC version of the game ported over and the controls were mapped to a controller. Play as Jade, a young investigation reporter, and expose a terrible government conspiracy to save your planet and its inhabitants. Top Contributors: Sng-ign, Adam, Jonny + more. [18] listed her as the 46th hottest game babe, calling her "righteous. GamePro cited her as an example of the right way to do female video game characters, along with other female protagonists such as Portal's Chell, Half-Life 2's Alyx Vance, and Silent Hill 3's Heather Mason. Investigative reporter, photographer and amateur spy, Jade is a multi-talented up-and-comer. The Jade engine is a game engine developed and used by Ubisoft. [20] In 2013, Complex ranked her as the eight greatest heroine in video game history,[21] and during a PAX Prime panel for game developers and journalists, Jade took top spot for best female character in an action game. IRIS Network - The Beyond Good and Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Upon the re-release, the HD version was regarded by numerous media: "No one has an excuse now to miss out on this game". The game runs on the Jade Engine, created for Beyond Good & Evil and named after its main character. Fox News editor Lou Kesten cited Jade as an example of a heroine who isn't just eye candy for adolescent boys. In a post credits scene, A DomZ spore grows up on Pey'j's hand back on Hillys, suggesting this may not be the end of the story. ", "Review: Young Female Fighters Show Up in PSP, DS Games", "Ten Babes who Should and 10 Babes who Shouldn't Meet Your Mom", "50 Greatest Heroines In Video Game History", "Are These The Top Women Game Characters of All Time? Jade is a fictional character and the protagonist of the action-adventure video game Beyond Good & Evil. It is a setting found in the programming (e.g. [4][5] When asked who he felt should portray Jade in a hypothetical Beyond Good & Evil film, Miller chose Shannyn Sossamon, stating that she looks and walks similarly to Jade. Ancel set about creating a character that resembled a real person rather than a "sexy action woman", and Miller points out that the focus on Jade is on her role, situation, and the meaning of her actions in the game. Jade is a fictional character and the protagonist of the action-adventure video game Beyond Good & Evil. Miller also describes her as a "girl next door" that people can identify with.[1]. She discovers evidence of human trafficking being orchestrated by the DomZ under the Alpha Sections' authority. But he managed to find a substitute energy in the souls of all those kidnapped from Hillys. It is up to you and your loyal pig friend Pey'j to save your planet and its inhabitants. The once-peaceful planet is under siege by aliens called the DomZ that abduct beings and drain their life force for power. She subsequently uses that power to defeat the Priest and save the Hillyan populace. She lives on the planet Hillys with her adoptive uncle, Pey'j. in many UDK-related games these advanced settings can be altered in .ini files) that can easily be altered in the file by changing: "trilinear=false" to 'trillinear=true'. "[15] Play featured her in their first annual "Girls of Gaming" issue, praising her as the "ultimate thinking man's (and woman's) heroine. [14] They also listed her as one of the top 20 most overlooked video game babes, stating that her "artsy-fartsy" nature and lack of upskirt potential is why she is so overlooked. The world itself combines modern elements, such as e-mail and credit cards, with those of science fiction and fantasy, such as spaceships and anthropomorphic animal hybrids, coexisting with humans.