This is usually best for larger workpieces with less-pronounced curves, since the blade’s design is not the best for acute curves. This creates a formidable cutting action that has little trouble handling even the most dense of woods. Easy to Use- There is no much assembly needed to start using this tool. This is due to a double-parallel link arm design that pivots from the back of the saw and through the front, absorbing most of the vibration generated from the saw. WEN have manufactured power tools since 1957, and have an impressive list of tools available across their wide range. It also features a clear-view guard that helps protect your fingers from the cutting blade. This provides several advantages when needing anything beyond a straight cut. Mastering the scroll saw takes time and patience. A scroll saw is a particular type of saw that is used to cut intricate shapes and curved lines into materials, and is a saw known for its’ finesse and accuracy more so than its’ power. The tabletop features a bevel scale, which is a handy feature that does ensure accurate readings all the time. It’s right to call it the best saw on our list because it’s perfect for artisans of all skill levels. Vibrates heavily if not clamped down well to a sturdy surface. Below, we’ll have a glance over the quality in both the features and specs department. The variable speed trigger allows the user to control all aspects of speed, and when paired with the table tilt feature – you’re able to cut into those shapes and lines that aren’t possible with other scroll saws on the market. Construction and Design- The saw measures 25x12x13 inches and weighs 24 pounds for easy movement and storage. The Porter Cable Scroll Saw also has an adjustable speed at a range of 500-1500 spm. Properly made dovetail joints do not require any metal fasteners to hold the pieces together, with wood glue or adhesive used to further ensure the joint’s integrity if desired. So what do you need to look for? On the surface, they can appear quite minor. The trick is judging the right amount. A right scroll saw will have variable and adjustable speed at different levels for better control to reduce wastage of the workpiece and to reduce the injuries to the user. Packaged with the MS20-01 is a set of blades that can be swapped out for certain materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Ease to Use- It is easy and quick to assemble and disassemble the tool. Using the variable speed adjusters, users can select an spm speed of anywhere from 400 to 1,750, giving the saw a range of versatility with certain cuts and materials. Motors show little variation in power from one manufacturer to the next, usually rated as 1.2 or 1.3 amp. A. Its smart build and easy accessibility can be appreciated by any range of woodworker, whether you’re using it for small craft projects, or taking on larger construction tasks. When it comes to blade compatibility, this Shop Fox scroll saw accepts both pinned and pinless blades. If you’re a beginner, don’t be scared because this means you have diverse options and you can discover what cutting speed works for your wood projects. Perhaps the most popular use for a scroll saw involves art, hobby, and general crafting. Bottom line, a scroll saw is an essential tool for both serious and novice woodworkers who need a reliable and highly accurate saw for cutting intricate designs, curves, and much more. Hi, I’m James. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. There are practically limitless cutting options and elaborate crafts you can make with this tool! The scroll saw is a fascinating tool, enabling you to cut intricate shapes in all manner of different materials, and create beautiful craft projects for your own pleasure, or for sale. It's a complex linkage that converts horizontal to vertical motion, creating very little vibration in the process. It only weighs 56 pounds, which is far lighter than most saws. Each of the tools we recommend surpasses the standards we set for performance and value. A scroll saw for woodworking will allow you to achieve intricate cuts accurately. It’s best described as a perfect saw for those who are beginning their trade, and don’t need the extra bells and whistles that can be found on alternative scroll saws. It is made from iron giving its longevity. The DEWALT DW788 20" Variable-Speed Scroll Saw provides quiet and smooth operation for... 2. Attention to detail is required on a number of scroll saw cutting tasks. Most scroll saws range from 1.25 inches to 2.0 inches, so consider the workpieces you’ll be dealing with beforehand, and make sure the saw you’re looking at has the appropriate capacity to handle it. Power and performance – The saw’s stock powerful 15-amp ball bearing induction motor delivers an adjustable speed of up to 1500spm to ensure smooth and accurate cuts. Safety System – The saw does not require much to assemble, giving you comfort and convenience when working with it. Not all saws have a stand, so the stand is a good bonus. Great for beginners and great value for money, Comes with work light, light dust blower, and dust port, Machine vibrates at higher speeds but operates quietly in lower speeds. Read more. Quiet yet hefty, the 1.3 amp motor and three-quarters inch stroke makes for an aggressive and clean cut. This is just another reason why this scroll saw is a favorite among novice users and professionals alike, delivering outstanding cutting quality and convenience in a highly affordable package. Although single speed machines were once common, variable speed motors are now the norm. Written by Tom. Working at variable speeds of 550-1700 SPM, it is a reliable tool that is recommended for a wide range of cutting tasks. It’s a portable model, that is relatively light when compared to other versions of mitre, jig, table or scroll saw – which definitely means Rockwell is a few steps ahead of the opposition with their innovation. For one, you don’t need any tools and it’s good that you can do it in seconds. If you’re regularly cutting patterns out of thinner stock or working with lighter woods the Shop Fox W1713 will provide the accuracy and efficiency to produce flawless results. This includes an onboard extending light you can angle to illuminate the cutting area. He has since built an enviable workshop for himself and an equally impressive online accomplishment: an extensive resource site serving old timers and novices alike. The MS20-01 is powered by a small 0.6 amp motor that still manages to put out some impressive saw speed and power — certainly adequate enough for smooth cuts on a variety of wood types, as well as other materials like metal, plastic, and PVC piping. High-end scroll saws are only really for the full-time professional or seriously dedicated hobbyist. Speed is often variable as well, allowing the user to have better control in certain cutting situations. If you’re in search of the best saw reviews on the internet, you’re in the right place. For simple and easy blade changes, choose a scroll saw with tool free blade changes. A short blade runs through a hole in a work table. table this Delta saw provides a generous work surface for managing larger projects. By far the smallest and cheapest scroll saw on this list, the Dremel MS20-01 Compact Scroll Saw vastly outperforms its size, while also providing a very affordable solution for hobbyist needing a scroll saw mostly for minor home projects and/or crafting tasks. Variable speed range on this machine ranges between 400 to 1600 strokes per minute. Safety is good, because when a blade breaks, the saw stops on its own. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is an updated version of the well-liked WEN 3920 Scroll Saw. With its ease of operation, this saw will give amazing results for the beginner and the experienced wood worker. A few tilt left and right. If it suddenly goes “ping,” you've overdone it!