Breeze features a 2-stage fillable mattress with two levels of firmness with reinforced edges and f0od-grade waterproofing. If you're concerned about that, Naturepedic also makes a lightweight version that uses unique wavesupport core. The combination of chlorine and petroleum is also a well-known human carcinogen, which could induce cancerous conditions. It's also backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and it's free from flame retardants (PBDEs) and from other chemicals as well. This is to be expected, since this organic crib mattress is Greenguard certified. You can check out this, This is a great crib mattress that is made right here in the U.S.A. and has some great low VOC features, squared corners, a long excluded chemical list, a waterproof and seamless cover, dual firmness, and it's hypoallergenic. Interested? Note that it's only 5" thick, doesn't have a breathable cover, and doesn't include any sort of removable cover (which isn't surprising at this price point). Buy on Amazon. It contains no springs, glue, foam or any other types of allergens. The Naturepedic Classic Innerspring model is a popular choice for parents that want to start their baby off right in life and create a natural … There is only very slight decline into the edges. ALERT: Black Friday Sale right now, 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY20 (click to see deal). Lighter mattresses are great for easy lifting, sheet changes, and cover changes. This is not only one of the cheapest crib mattresses on our list, but definitely the cheapest with innerspring coils and Greenguard GOLD certification. Instead, they use what they call "90% air" polymer material, which is just a fancy way of saying it's filled with air-puffed plastic or polyester. We're not sure whether that's related to how tightly it fits into the crib, or just how the mattress wears with time. But the mattress is also new and we've only tested it for about a week so far. $295, with free shipping. Inside the Pure Echo organic spring mattress, you’ll find GOTS-certified cotton batting cushioning the pocketed coils that give this innerspring bed medium-firm support. Without phthalates, PVC is a hard, rigid plastic. But let's consider that "flip" part closely, because this is not a dual-sided or dual-firmness crib mattress. Interested? You probably have coir (pronounced core) in your house already: hanging baskets are often lined with coir, as it makes for great potting, many doormats are made from coir, and some rope, as well. Best Natural Mattresses for Kids Not quite snug enough to make any annoying wrinkles in the vinyl surface, but snug enough to keep things from falling into corners or sides. Second, that super thick and lightweight mattress makes for superior comfort. Reading the tag, the mattress has a polyurethane core (CertiPUR certified), a polyester fire retardant layer, and a polyester cover. PETE is generally considered to be one of the “safer” plastics available, and leading health authorities agree PETE is generally safe. Nook's Pebble Pure is a pure, 100% natural Talalay latex crib mattress with no additives. Your email address will not be published. ... that can be present in a product. In our testing it fit very snugly in the test crib (DaVinci), and we really thought the firmness of the infant side and softness of the toddler side were a great ratio. The cover was water resistant and easy to wipe clean, and didn't have the crinkly sound and feel when pressure was placed on it. This mattress is organic textile standard GOTS-certified, MADE-SAFE Certified, and Greenguard Gold certified. This is probably the perfect mattress for you! It's also made right here in the USA and doesn't contain any chemical flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, or ozone depleters. It can make you think twice before you decide to save money on this particular purchase. Naturally, we understand that they need to feel comfortable all this time, which means your baby should sleep on the best crib mattress. We also found this mattress to be very lightweight, mostly because it's a urethane foam core, which made it very easy to pull in/out of the crib for sheet and pad changes. The mattress fit nicely in the crib, like all of the mattresses on this list, and has nice 90-degree edges to fill in those crib corners. So, long story short, even if you see a polyurethane count in the mattress's blend, as long as it has this certification, you should be able to rest assured of a vast number of things. Greenguard Gold is the gold standard for ensuring a product has low VOC emissions. If you push your hand into a mattress with a coil core, you'll feel that it's nice and firm and supportive. Add in a few naps throughout the day, and many babies spend more than half of each 24-hour day in their crib. We’re talking her crib mattress, car seat, nursing pillow, and more. The fact that this latex mattress is constructed of individual latex layers means you’ll need to put a little more effort into assembling the mattress. While we get that some families won’t like this feature, we also believe many will. Babylist. Thicker mattresses are not allowed given the risk for a standing baby to climb and fall out of the crib. This mattress features Greenguard certified memory foam plus independently pocketed coils, topped off with a natural organic cotton cover. The MADE SAFE® program is a hazard-based independent screen that checks that products are made without known toxic chemicals. This mattress offers some tremendous capability for a relatively low price, and in our testing we found it to be a great option for parents looking for serious bang for the buck. Made right here in the USA, this mattress is phthalate-free and the manufacturer says it doesn't use any toxic fire retardants (that's a little vague, so we're assuming it does use chemical retardants). With the LA Baby Mini Crib Mattress, your baby will get the best sleep for the perfect duration. Additionally, look for materials that are also independently-certified as organic, where applicable. Crib mattress “accidents” are no joke, after all, and an easy to clean mattress for your baby will also make your life easier as a parent. Their own crib mattress shopping experience left them disappointed, and they figured they could do better! You can check out this, This top-rated U.S. made crib mattress is from one of the best companies in the crib mattress market. This is a given; babies are messy! Our Top Picks. Given the rounded edges, there might be more risk of losing/dropping pacifiers into the corners. Emily Natural Crib Mattress with Organic Batting and Cover. Finding a quality product could ease your mind, and help you both sleep easier and sleep safer. The edges and corners are nicely reinforced to prevent sagging, and the slightly rounded corners fit well into our DaVinci and Babyletto test cribs. Interested? The Naturepedic Classic Innerspring model is a popular choice for parents that want to start their baby off right in life and create a natural nursery. Just as moms and dads need enough sleep, so do babies. Sounds perfect! Putting it into the crib, it fit perfectly in the corners and sides of our DaVinci Kalani and Babyletto cribs, and was nice and snug. So overall we were impressed by this mattress, with one caveat: it didn't fit very well in all of our cribs. Out of the box, it's about as heavy as the Kolcraft (12 pounds), which surprised us a bit given that it has about half as many coil springs. Coming in at $80, at first glance this seems like a great price for a Greenguard GOLD baby mattress made in the USA. Some of our reviewers also reported that over time this mattress tends to sag quite a bit in the center, and they suggested flipping it over every couple of months. Other cons include not having dual-firmness, and no breathable surface. And the 100-night sleep trial and 7-year warranty means you can buy this mattress with confidence. However, we also found some cons. 17. Unique design made from food-grade polymer. This could lead to a myriad of different issues. While most moms and dads know this, research backs it up: very young infants sleep and average of 17 hours per day. DaVinci says it's not vinyl, so we're assuming it's polyester. Above the core there is a softer batting layer that is made of modacrylic fiber and polyester. It’s a time to detoxify, not deal with even more chemicals, like flame retardant chemicals and materials that aren’t eco friendly. The bed brings an enhanced amount of support thanks to the dual firmness construction. Anyone in the process of raising children knows how fast they outgrow their clothes, shoes, and toys. The soft cotton cover is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton. Its lightweight construction made it easy to flip and pull out of the crib for cleaning or sheet changes. As with all Naturepedic crib mattresses, this mattress is made in the USA and is free from flame retardant chemicals.