If you plan on buying a pedal made by the creator of the Klon, then get the Klon KTR. Just like the Centaur, the Soul Food uses both a TL072 op-amp and a dual-gang gain control. Our kits come complete with everything you need to build a boutique-quality, handmade guitar effect pedal. On the inside, we made the Si (silicon) clipping asymmetrical and changed the value of one of the capacitors in a low pass filter so that it doesn't cut as much treble, thus reducing the dreaded mid-range hump. Drilled enclosures, knobs, ready-to-solder PCB (printed circuit board), and all the other parts...even the hook up wire. It can go from an open and transparent vintage sounding drive, through to a heavy overdrive that verges on the sound of fuzz. In this price bracket, pedal manufacturers don’t give the same attention to design and finish. In fact, Finnegan himself alluded to his own reputation with the design of the KTR, plastering the words ‘Kindly remember: The ridiculous hype that offends so many is not of my making’ across the front of the pedal. There are also internal dip switches for each side and you can use these to alter the bass response in the circuit. All of the pedals listed here have a slightly different tonal profile. And the differences between these pedals and the original Klon are also not that significant. And although forum pundits are always keen to draw out the various differences in ‘thickness and throatiness’ between this and the original Klon, the differences really are minimal. The best DIY guitar amplifier and effects pedal kits. Both of these circuits are fitted with a ‘ratio’ switch. The pedal is built using very high quality components and undergoes strict quality control. In my last article on the topic – ‘Why Is the Klon Centaur So Famous?‘ – I covered 8 of the main reasons why the original Klons have now become so expensive. On first glance, you could be forgiven for mistaking the Ceriatone Centura for the original Klon Centaur. It has the’ transparent’ overdrive, the warm and rich drive tones, and the ability to enhance the sound of any guitar and amp combination. Costing just $69/£59, the Horseman is one of the cheapest ‘Klones’ out there. The OD-820 was Maxon's answer to the popularity of the Klon Centaur. Divided Octave Guitar Pedal Kit. Others have been less faithful in their recreation. KLON KTR. Klon overdrives are replicated in Taiwan and China & sell for less than 50$…anyone tried those? But it is here that the aesthetic similarities end. So if you are looking to get the legendary Klon tones, but you are price conscious, this could make a great addition to your pedalboard. The OD-820 uses Maxon's (and Ibanez's) famous Tubescreamer circuit. RYRA The Klone. You can find yourself believing that only the ‘real deal’ will do the job. So if you want a Klon style pedal, as well as a broad range of vintage blues tones, this could be a great option too. Last up is the Way Huge Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive. So if you want a Klon style pedal, and you are also looking for heavy blues and rock tones, the Oxblood could make a great addition to your rig. Yet having said this, so great is the hype that surrounds the original Centaur, that even most clones of the pedal are quite pricey. It also features a simple 3 knob design and is based closely on the original Klon circuit. This is very similar to the Archer, but is designed to replicate the sound of the golden Klon Centaurs, which a lot of people believe have a slightly different tonal characteristic to the silver Centaur pedals. The kit comes with parts to do the FA-1 mod to give the the Green Pony's "clean boost" function that same jangly high impedance JFET sparkle. It has the same oxblood control knobs, and has a logo of the mythical Centaur across the front. Electro-Harmonix Founder Mike Matthews recognised this, and so built the Soul Food as an affordable alternative for ‘starving musicians’. ... Klon® Centaur / KTR $ 88.00. Klon Centaur Overdrive Replica. My conclusion was that although the Klon is a brilliant sounding pedal, the price of used Klons has less to do with the tone of the pedal, and more to do with its popularity amongst famous guitarists, its scarcity, and the mystery behind its production. The pedal currently costs around $200/200. Tumnus’ from the fictional series The Chronicles of Narnia – is a very affordable and compact clone built to recreate the tones of the original Klon Centaur. I … This DIY pedal kit is based on the Mutron Octave Divider pedal with a modern overhaul. And this can make choosing a ‘Klone’ unnecessarily difficult. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for DIY Clone Klon Centaur Overdrive Effect Pedal Kit at the best online prices at eBay! Socif you want for a practical, budget friendly pedal with killer tones that doesn’t take itself too seriously, the Conspiracy Theory could be a great option. It easy to be drawn into the hype that surrounds the original Klon. Hand built by Shane Logan from ‘Rock Your Repaired Amp’ (RYRA for short) – the Klone Pedal has garnered a lot of praise for the quality of its tone and its resemblance to the original. This alters the bass response of the Oxblood, and gives you the option to choose either a 736hz or 66hz low cut. The highest quality components and the most thorough and easy-to-follow instructions. Although its unique design looks nothing like the original Klon; its circuitry is very similar. It is best to order your Klon Centaur clone kit now and enjoy it sooner. It has reached an almost legendary status, with original Klons now selling for upwards of $3100/£2500 on sites like Reverb. Although the design of the Klon Centaur is very striking, the pedal does take up a lot of room on a pedalboard. The original Klon Centaur put out some of the best and most coveted overdrive sounds in the world! While it's not a clone of the Centaur, it still employs the same dual-ganged drive knob concept that gives the Centaur its ability to go from a completely clean transparent boost to an overdrive and an internal charge pump that takes your standard 9 volt power supply and increases the voltage for extra headroom. Real customer and technical support. Which Guitar String Gauges Are Right For you. This is a huge advantage for DIY-ers since there are many well documented modifications for the Tubescreamer, and most of them apply to the OD-820. While it's not a clone of the Centaur, it still employs the same dual-ganged drive knob concept that gives the Centaur its ability to go from a completely clean transparent boost to an overdrive and an internal charge pump that takes your standard 9 volt power supply and increases the voltage for extra headroom. Given the reputation of the original Klon, the KTR also proved very popular. I hope this helps you in your quest for beautiful blues tones. They also come in a range of different prices. As a result, it is not easy to figure out the pros and cons of these different pedals. Music Radar, Youtube, Sound On Sound, Youtube, EHX, Premier Guitar, Music Radar, Youtube, Wikipedia, Guitar, Youtube, The Klone Pedal, Guitar World, JHS Pedals, Music Radar, Premier Guitar, Guitar World, Youtube, Guitar Pedal X, Youtube, Andertons, I have wanted to sound like Rory Gallagher since I[...], The Ibanez Tube Screamer is one of the most iconic[...], I have wanted to sound like Gary Clark Jr. ever[...]. Another pedalboard friendly ‘Klone’ to look at is the MXR Sugar Drive. And with the Horseman you get a lot of pedal for your money. Conversely, if you are looking for a great Klon clone, but are more budget conscious – then you should look at the Nux Horseman.