Behringer XM8500 vs. Shure SM58; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. What I mean by that string of words is the XM8500 will output less feedback than the SM58. Behringer XM8500 Microphone. The XM8500 was also slightly louder and needed less gain on the mixer than the SM58. Show all. sM58 xM8500. It sounds great, is built really well, and it’s dirt cheap. There are a few things that the XM8500 is better on, but there are some things it is terrible on. If you’re looking for an XLR Dynamic to start with, and you’re on a budget, then this is what you want to go with. Lets not beat around the bush, this is a copy of the SM58. Stage Vocal Mics. Mic für Lets Player und Gamer: Behringer XM8500 Mik­rofon test |... Tech Boss. I would say that the XM8500 has a flatter frequency response than the SM58. Usually, when people need a quick and cheap microphone to fill the locker, they will immediately reach for a Shure SM57; however, why would you spend the extra $80 when, in certain aspects, this mic can perform just as well? Shure SM58 vs Behringer XM8500 vs Pyle-Pro PDM­IC58 - Vocal... Lando27Music. Youtube. The SM58 rolls off a bit of the bottom end and has a little presence boost. Xm8500 vs SM58 vs Beta58. AMAZING $20 Mic Beats Rode Proc­aster! Think about the XM8500 as an SM58 will a little bit of dulling. While the Behringer XM8500 will almost always be bested by a more expensive and more popular mic, this mic still has it's uses in drums, and vocals alike. By D-Wub in forum Microphones Replies: 2 Last Post: 01-05-2006, 13:08. Which is better? After testing it out, the XM8500 definitely had a little more bottom end and perhaps wasn't quite as bright as the SM58. Youtube. They also look almost identical, minus the black grill for the 8500. Behringer XM8500 vs Proc­aster... Pong Liz­ardo Online Guides. ... Behringer xm8500 vs sm58 vs sennheiser e935. The truth is though, the SM58 will probably always work. … Behringer gets a lot of hate for "stealing" other companies patents/designs, but Behringer also makes a lot of affordable gear for the everyday person. Show all. The SM58 may not excel on anything particularly, but it is always usable. Shure SM58 or Behringer B5? Behringer XM8500 Buy this Mic: This mic is an absolute steal at the price. Show all. When I had to outfit a full conference with microphones, I used XM8500’s. By Diverdown in forum Microphones Replies: 0 Last Post: 06-21-2008, 12:15.