Hints and Tips: A heavier medium shield that's as stable as a +5 kite shield out of the gate; When fully upgraded, … Skill: Shield Splitter Balder side sword is so ridiculously light that a lot of people will overlook the BSS's slightly sub par damage because it means fast rolling with the most poise possible. Drops from Balder Knight with Side Sword Wielder (1% chance - Sen's Fortress and Undead Parish) Purchase: Crestfallen Merchant for 4000 souls. (Though I do have a fully upgraded Velka's Rapier for when I feel like doing some riposte and backstab shenanigans) 1. How should I upgrade the Balder side sword? Balder was the home of a Knight King Rendal, but the kingdom was reduced to ruins after a widespread outbreak of Undead. Also to finally replace the Drake sword. There are two Balder Knights wielding the Balder Side Sword guarding the entrance of the Undead Parish church, and a third one near the wooden plank bridge outside the church. Just recently got it, and I was thinking of making it Divine and maxing out the physical damage so I can fight the undead. At present I'm just wondering which upgrade path is going to work best for me, +15 or Crystal +5. I love my Balder Side Sword a lot. How should I upgrade the Balder side sword? It makes Ripostes a joke to pull off in PvP even with lag. This location is accessed earlier than Sen's Fortress. I like to mix it up by getting in to a groove with the scythe, so the opponent is just as comfortable with my timing as I am. Before I was a heavy fighter, I used a balder side sword.. Because I liked how it looked. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the balder side sword. Archived. The knights of the ancient kingdom of Balder wielded these rock-solid, long swords which are excellent for thrust attacks. If you like its moveset, upgrade it with your go-to upgrade path and enjoy it. Posted by 1 year ago. Basically I intend to run a basic Balder Side Sword w/ Parrying Dagger set up with my Darkmoon Blade buff to top it off. 17 … Close. 30-40 VIT 40 END 40 DEX And the rest into ATT, INT, FAI, and STR depending on what you want to use. It is one of the lightest weapons outside of the thrusting sword class, and drastically outdamages that weapon type. :) For my dex chars, it's a fun alt weapon in pvp from a great scythe. I have it down the enchanted upgrade path since I'm playing a heavy INT build. I love it a lot and would not consider any other sword as my light melee weapon! Balder Side Sword scales well with DEX and has great reach, speed, and moveset.