Alternately titled: Venus Astarte Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1876-1877. Approaching Light 3. Astarté (Antiguo griego: Ἀστάρτη, "Astártē") es el nombre griego de la diosa semítica (es decir, asiria, acadia, babilónica, etc) Ishtar, conocida por oriente próximo y el Mediterráneo oriental desde la edad de bronce a la época clásica. It belongs to the latter part of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s career. Mystery: lo! Wielding the power of sexuality over the audience. Summary. Astarte Syriaca. Country of origin: Italy Location: Rome, Lazio Status: Active Formed in: 2003 Genre: Progressive Metal Lyrical themes: N/A Current label: Unsigned/independent Years active: 2003-present Discography; Members; Similar Artists; Related Links; Complete discography; Main; Lives; Demos; Misc. Earth Spirit 8. Astarte Syriaca. Dreaming 5. Physical Description. Si se refería a la diosa madre de Levante, llamada Athirat o Asera, consulte Astarot. In Silence 4. Astarte Syriaca. Astarte Syriaca by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Nevermore 6. A dominant, full length female figure, in sea-green robes, gazes towards the viewer, her long thick wavy hair flowing down her back. Profumi D'armonia released: 2008 Inthrought the Light 2. 1. Si se refería al demonio, consulte Astaroth. Mnemosyne began as an oil study for Astarte Syriaca, for which Jane Morris sat over the winter of 1875–1876, but Rossetti later worked it up as an image of Mnemosyne, the Greek personification of Memory. Frame: DGR designed the frame. Painted in 1877, Astarte Syriaca is a sensual and elaborate Pre-Raphaelite portrait of the goddess Venus. Medium: oil Dimensions: 72 x 42 in. A Sea-Spell → Astarte Syriaca ASTARTE SYRIACA M YSTERY: lo! Beneath her robes, she has one leg placed forward, as if she might be striding toward the viewer. betwixt the sun and moon Astarte of the Syrians: Venus Queen Ere Aphrodite was. Northwind 9. Sole Ombre 7. She is picture alone and unrivaled by masculine control. Rossetti wrote to his mother about the two paintings on 29 April 1876: "I have twice commenced the Venus Astarte subject. Astarte Syriaca. Astarte Syriaca (1877) Jane Morris with whom Rossetti had an affair, is present as Venus. View images from this item (1) Information. Description. Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828 - 1882. The model was Jane Morris, wife of William Morris. betwixt the sun and moon Astarte of the Syrians: Venus Queen ⁠ Ere Aphrodite was. Astarte Syriaca.