What else do you need to know to stay away from foods with aspartame in them? http://www.monsanto.com/monsanto/layout/our_pledge/default.asp, http://www.monsanto.com/monsanto/layout/about_us/ataglance.asp, Unlocking Your Health With Keys From The Past. U.S. EPA “No Known Antidote for Glyphosate Poisoning”. [5]. Read on. Cloves had an important religious significance in the cremation of bodies, so there was importance in shipping them back to Zanzibar instead of disposing of them as waste in the United States. Decades of Studies Raise Concerns about Aspartame. World War II brought Monsanto and the American government closer together as Monsanto became involved in research on uranium for the Manhattan Project, which led to the first nuclear bombs. Should certain Monsanto executives be tried for crimes against humanity? Together, the companies use their collective expertise to introduce aspartame, another extremely deadly neurotoxin, into … So, who and what is Monsanto Chemical Company - the company that first brought us saccharin and then aspartame in the form of NutraSweet/Equal®? That’s another way of saying that aspartame is made from the poop of bacteria that are genetically modified organisms — GMOs. Despite saccharin's cancer "propaganda" in 1981, in 1985 G.D. Searle & Co. purchased Monsanto, taking the company deeper into pharmaceuticals and the sweetener industry. Are your eyes crossed from trying to make sense of that? However, by definition, any GMO organism’s metabolism is deranged because it contains foreign DNA. Hilariously, to counter the notion that they are responsible for this mass genocide of bees, Monsanto stealthy decides to buy out a company called, just to be clear- Colony Collapse Disorder is serious threat to all of us. 2. In 1902, Monsanto gained its reputation manufacturing saccharin, the company's first product. Big business - modern humans can't live without them, or can they? Monsanto produces leading seed brands, including DEKALB® and Asgrow®, and they provide farmers and other seed companies with biotechnology traits for insect protection and herbicide tolerance. In 1977, Monsanto established a joint petrochemical venture with Conoco Oil Company at the Chocolate Bayou plant. These substances are metabolized further and one of those products is formaldehyde,  the stuff used to embalm dead bodies. June 4, 2014 June 7, 2014 The Nourished Warrior. 10. It turns into a poison in your body, and FDA scientists spoke out strongly against its approval, though the FDA ignored them and put it out on the market. Arthritis and Joint Pain Caused By Aspartame / NutraSweet (Monsanto) Return to Aspartame (NutraSweet) Toxicity Information Center Return to Arthritis Treatment Books (Amazon.Com) MY PAINFUL EXPERIENCE WITH ASPARTAME AND ARTHRITIS Chapter 1 (From "The Preventive Diet" by Richard J. Sabates, M.D.) What's in Monsanto's future? Because of these twin factors, all the careful and detailed examination of fetuses, all the writing, summarization and resummarization is of little avail because of the shaky foundation.”, To summarize, FDA investigators were against the approval of aspartame, largely based on the developer’s junk science, but the FDA went ahead and approved it anyway. To be blunt, it’s made from bacteria poop. And they have placed the first U.S. corporate order to General Motors for pick-up trucks that use ethanol-based E85 fuel, part of a larger initiative to focus new research to enhance the use of bioenergy. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Shortly after he was hired aspartame became approved through an unbelievable conflict of interest. Farben, makers of Bayer aspirin and the Third Reich’s go-to chemical manufacturer producing deadly Zyklon-B gas during World War II. By 1915, Monsanto's sales surpassed the one million dollar mark. In March 2000, Monsanto sold it to J.W. Equal's maker, Merisant Worldwide, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, About Campaigning for Health, Justice, Sustainability, Peace, and Democracy: http://www.organicconsumers.org/monsanto/materials.cfm, * please note this info is ever-changing as Corporate continues to gobble up organic, as more products continue to go-GMO and as more brands are added to the Monsanto-Roster, Click to Subscribe to The Nourished Warrior: nourishment delivered to your inbox: receive tasty tidbits curated from our arsenal of wisdom, wellness & empowerment. In 1985, Monsanto Company purchased G.D. Searle, for 2.6 Billion USD., and the aspartame business became a separate Monsanto subsidiary, the NutraSweet Company. Monsanto partners with I.G. He named the company after his wife, whose maiden name was Olga Monsanto. Well they would remove these tumors from the animals.”, Lead investigator, Philip Brodsky stated for the Congressional Record that he’d never seen anything as bad as Searle’s studies. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes. By 1998, Monsanto started buying seed companies and genetic laboratories. They also are responsible for the creation and distribution of the Bovine Growth Hormone (BST), and have deep-rooted connections to the soft drink industry through the manufacturing of both saccharin and NutraSweet. Gain weight by “going diet?” Artificial sweeteners and the neurobiology of sugar cravings: Neuroscience 2010. Aspartame itself doesn’t get through your digestive tract. By Dr. Janet Starr Hull – Like saccharin, aspartame is another artificial sweetener used as a sugar substitute in food and drinks. Therefore the more GMO’s planted, the more toxic chemicals like Neo-nics used, the more bees will die as they attempt to pollinate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They were eventually bought out and the money from the acquisition fueled their drive to acquire a pharmaceutical company. In 2001, Monsanto celebrated its 100th anniversary as a business enterprise.