I did have to buy this out of my own money, as I did not have a budget or any grants. I had fun making this and so did my family. There wasn't many things that i could say went wring in this film as all in all it was jus a very exciting way of showing all my skills to my teachers and family. So, what would you say was your favorite part of this film? We kept turning and turning and turning, still lost. You made your main character gay. I can express my feelings in a way that I couldn't do verbally in therapy. The CCR is done! Also, I have this feeling repeat over and over again. CCR Script I have been advised that I should create a script for my CCR, as I don't wanna rush in with nothing to say and look like a talking head. I feel like the visual and performing arts are special, because they help bring to life many emotions that you can share with the world. This way, I can pair the audio to the video perfectly with no problems. Most musicals also have this moment in which the character is shown under a spotlight during a moment of significance. My CCR. That's how I came up with the lyrics. Social medias like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook allow us to get informed about situations worldwide, as well as locally. This was a great way to improve creativity and also guide my overall thoughts. It helps me stay in touch with my emotions and remember that I am in control. So, I created it in the style of an interview, where I will be asked questions and I will answer them. it was a great experience to film my own preview film. Why did you choose to do this? It's a culminating process. Sorry it's so long- there was a lot I wanted to talk about. Creative Critical Reflection: New Recruit Candidate #: 3310 Sierra White #1: How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups/issues? Well, I had to use my iPhone camera for recording, which was more than fine. Something that no matter how I did it, I would do it. "It's a Man's (Celluloid) World." AICE Media Studies Blog Friday, April 17, 2020. I don't have a particular social demographic I am targeting, as this can apply to people from any socioeconomic status. I start from something very small- a thought- which builds an emotion, and then a mood, and then a rough draft, to a storyboard, to several other processes, such as costume design, script writing, final drafts, shooting, reshooting, editing, and making final cuts. For editing, I used Apple's Final Cut Pro, which provided me with many resources to edit. This video is the overall thoughts and processes I have on my Final Task project. I got high resolution video that was really satisfactory, which shows that anyone can create films. I have had much trouble finding healthy coping mechanisms for my emotions, and I feel that expressing them in a healthy way like art is very good for me. It'll represent the people with mental illness' and highlight the struggle of living while getting bullied, while also showing the consequences that bullying someone can lead to. Question #1 While our film may stand out in certain ways, there are still many conventions of action, That I kept trying to find a way out of this mess but I couldn't. Of course, the actual CCR will be accompanied by visuals to create engagement and show how my process was developed. The End of Love Creative Critical Reflection Here is my CCR! It represents a feeling of repetitiveness, that things cycle around and around with no change. Andres A AICE Media Studies AS Sunday, March 22, 2020. Well, anything else you would like to add? I decided to steer away from this since I want the whole film to feel like a moment of significance. Media Studies Portfolio Thursday, April 16, 2020. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. But, since that's not the feeling I'm trying to create, I decided to steer away from that. Before I started filming, I wanted to make sure that I had an appropriate location to film in. This includes musicals, LGBTQI+ films, and coming of age films. So, I created it in the style of an interview, where I will be asked questions and I will answer them. Audience and Institution Practice Essay. I also connect with the LGBTQI+ audiences with a queer protagonist. You really put a lot more effort into ensuring your work turns out the way you want it when it's your own money being inverted. Audience and Institution Practice Essay. Of course, I feel I could have done much better with more time, as you can never have a perfect project. In drama films, there is always some sort of realization at the end of the movie which leads the character to a form of journey or happily ever after. This movie was really somewhat of a look into my past. I began to draw inspiration from songs, as well as many songwriting podcasts. This way, she came up with the lyric "It's like cranes in the sky, sometimes I don't wanna feel those metal clouds." Many are using their platforms to inform others about regulations, advises, and activities to entertain ourselves with. First, it creates a feeling of building intensity- that emotions are becoming stronger and stronger. it was a great experience to film my own preview film. I found that keeping color patterns minimum and using bold colors show a character that wants control. Thought this project, I integrated technology in the designing of the preliminary frames of my magazine. How would you say your abilities as a media producer developed because of this project? The bullying situation in which Andrea is in, was what happened to me. Drama films have characters with whom the audience can relate to, which doesn't necessarily apply in my movie because not everyone gotten bullied, bullied someone, or has a child whose being bullied but even though some part of the audience wouldn't be able to relate to Andrea's character, the audience would be able to empathize with the situation. In the opening, you have a very interesting use of shots. He directed the film. This serves as a form of promotion, as well as distribution. I had a small microphone on me during scenes that would pick up my singing; no matter how far away I was. Honestly, it just came naturally. My movie follows a Latina's suicide and the story behind it and after it. Bullying affected my life for 5 excruciating years of my life, and while I am able to talk freely about my past, others find it extremely hard and specially so if they are currently going through it. Bullying is never okay, but people do have their reasons for acting in certain ways, and bullies are no different. Something that would challenge me out of my comfort zone. Well, first of all, I don't know how to play instruments. That doesn't work for film. Opening Sequence CCR. Two years ago I had reached the point where I really thought there was no way to get better, which is luckily around the same time my parents realized something was wrong. - April 05, 2020 No comments: Email This BlogThis! The majority of people who are bullied are ages 12-18, 23% of them being female and are 2.6 times more likely to attempt suicide, according to "PACER'S National Bullying Prevention Center". The storyboard for my groups project of a Dunkin’ Donut commercial was created successfully. AICE Media Studies Blog Monday, May 4, 2020. I felt that represented my situation very well. I also broke the movie into 3 different parts as most of the questions related to that certain part of the movie. Most of LGBTQI+ teenagers suffer some sort of mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. As for gender, although the story does focus a male, gay character, it can be applied for female and people of other gender identities. Drama films, however, need to keep the viewer's attention on the plot of the movie, which I am doing by showing the viewer Andrea's suicide and then transitioning to the bullying scene. Well, I wanted to do something unique. The CCR will be enacted by two sock poppets, an interviewer (right) and my "representative" (left.) This project was very fun and very therapeutic for me, and I am very happy with how it turned out.