The Madri, Jamie Madrox's multiples, are running around forming cults without his permission; Jamie himself has been driven insane because McCoy played with his genes and forced him to produce too many multiples. Francesca Trask was a member of the X-Terminated, and didn't have a mainstream universe counterpart. The X-Men win, and Sabretooth is left for dead. She knocks him down and stands on him, holding one of her throwing darts just above his face. Some of the writers were noticeably better than others and though the art was better than I expected, in places it really is quite poor. Sabretooth, who was one of Apocalypse's operatives on that mission, learned that Apocalypse wanted to start a nuclear war; he refused to carry out his orders. I'd never read this classic epic and felt a desire to after reading so much fantastic Apocalypse stuff in Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force series. Major Issues: X of Swords Ends with a Bang & Snake Eyes Springs Into Action, X-Men: How the Age of Apocalypse Turned VILE Villains Into Heroes, The X-Men Are Building [SPOILER] - and Marvel Heroes Should Be TERRIFIED, The X-Men's Most INFAMOUS Animated Episode Has Been Twisted Into a Nightmare, X-Men: Why Magneto Returns to His Most ICONIC Costume, Nightwing's Personal 'Batcave' Is an Unexpected DC Landmark, King in Black: Marvel Marks Knull's Arrival With Temporary Tattoos, Why X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills Causes Chris Claremont 'Heartbreak', Spider-Man: How Peter Parker Got His FIRST Spider-Armor, Batman: Earth One Vol. Astonishing X-Men 4 After Xavier: The Age of Apocalypse. [and when he finally does do some fighting at the end, he gets the everloving shit kicked out of him, [Beast is an evil scientist who does evil experiments on others, Wolverine is missing an arm (I guess because his healing factor doesn't work? We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. In a twisted version of the world they knew, the inhabitants battle against the eternal mutant Apocalypse as Bishop seeks to repair the timeline that began when Legion, Professor X's own son, tried to kill off all of his father's enemies; however, when Legion attempted to murder Magneto, Xavier sacrificed his own life to save Magnus. The ranks of the X-Men have swelled with the addition of WildChild, Morph, Blink, NightCrawler, Sunfire, Dazzler, Exodus, ShadowCat, Gambit and Banshee (who came out of retirement to fight with the X-Men). Whereas Stryker is usually an older man who sees little by way of action, this version was trained after years of experience to be able to combat both the oppressive mutants and the gigantic Sentinels. Then Banshee steps in. Destiny realizes that what Bishop has said is true. Lord Apocalypse Nate was one of the four AoA characters to make it to the mainstream.). Just as Legion was about to kill Lensherr with a Psi-Bolt, Xavier threw himself between them, and died. We’d love your help. [ that I took to be: what if Charles Xavier had died in the arms of Eric Lenshurr in the past at the hands of a mutant? For years I had wondered about the Age of Apocalypse, this strange alternate universe where Charles Xavier died, the X-Men never formed, and, as the title would suggest, Apocalypse reigned. Lord Hater Theme Song - All Versions Wander Over Yonder Song, The Nightmare Before Christmas - Kidnap the Sandy Claws HQ, Dr. Seus' The Lorax "How bad can I be?" Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Clarice is distraught, feeling that she should have been with them. The following twelve issues comprise the X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse TPB #4 and serve as the third chapter of the Age of Apocalypse. I had anticipated it to be the story of Apocalypse's origins, but instead this omnibus details the creation of an alternate reality centering around the question, "What if Charles Xavier never started the X-Men?" [And there's this bizarre subplot of their father turning up and them being angry with Sinister for hiding him, only for the dad to turn into a Shi'ar. The premise isn't even that interesting, or at least the execution isn't thrilling. She would later join the X-Terminated and call herself Deadeye. Characters you know and love from the X-Men's original world are now darker, far different versions of themselves. He and Logan had torched one of Apocalypse's bases while working for the X-Men. Overall I can say that it was pretty good, but it was too long and not nearly as good as it could've been. Going by the name Horror Show, he was armed to the teeth with multiple munitions, and heavily resembled Captain America rogue Crossbones. Pietro quickly scrambles the signal. In fact, the only good news is that Creed's healing factor kicked in and saved him. When the Age of Apocalypse begins in X-Men: Alpha, the only ones left in North America to resist Apocalypse's rule are the X-Men. You play dirty! Bishop goes back in time. It was a fine idea, as sometimes events in one series will affect those in another, but that is so rare (and kind of weakly done), I would've preferred to just read this series by series so I could at least follow the story. This omnibus collects ALL of these stories and presents them in chronological order and I happily picked this tome up from the library. The Way 12" on Pink / Green Color In Color, The Way 12" on Solid Green In Clear w/ Opaque Pink Splatter, The Way 12" on Pink/Green/Black Starburst. Now I'm glad I have the full collectiin. They find Shadowcat and Colossus waiting for them, along with Illyana. She "blinks" to the top of the hill and finds Victor Creed hanging, dead, from a post. There had been various What If? Cowboy Behavior 2. Also, you should study the lyrics, and get as mad as these dudes are. Mister Sinister and Cyclops (who in the Age of Apocalypse storyline, was a villain) are alongside Apocalypse. He says that he will handle this "Personally." Important things to remember: Magneto learned a way to shield himself from Rogue's powers; he could touch her. I am truly amazed at what the artists accomplish. Jean was captured by Sinister and forced to endure life in the Pens for several months, and only escaped with Logan's help. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. [Never mind that the mutant is Charles' own son, David Haller, who traveled back in time to murder the future Magneto instead of accidentally killing his own father, and creates a bizarre time paradox that people always "argue" about - can a person go back in time and kill their grandfather?] He then comes up with a plan, which, for some reason, involves having a chat with some X-Men. Opposing Force 7. Be the first to ask a question about X-Men. Lila Cheney does not know that she is a mutant teleporter, but she loves Remy. Welcome back. But she really gets upset when Holocaust tells her that Apocalypse has promised that he will be allowed to look after little Charles. Spreading War 6. Not within the same comic, but between comics. Location from within, the Banshee pours forth his rage in a sonic scream that tears the Horseman apart, and brings down the temple as well. What Magneto doesnt know is that the Human High Council has dispatched Logan (Weapon X) to Wundegore Mountain to find Gateway and convince him to lead their fleet of Airships when they drop atomic bombs on North America. and Rogue and company arrive at the plant in the form of a giant whale (Morph). Check out the X-Man Summaries to find out. But sometimes late at night -- i pray. Refresh and try again. Nate's presence is sensed by the Shadow King, who informs Apocalypse. The name is Blink. Purposes Nothing major to gain from reading from this considering it's an AU. Morph and Sunfire exchange more witty banter. 3. Bishop, Storm, Psylocke and Iceman quickly move to help Lensherr and Xavier fight Legion, but they are not strong enough. The main characters leap of faith seems unrealistic and forced. 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