Through their own accord or by downloading what others have created, users can change from the cookie-cutter style of a MySpace profile and design one to have this traditional Christmas theme. Pocock in the first part of the Kennel Encyclopaedia, 1907), the absence of any really wild species of the typical group of the genus Canis between Burma and Siam on the one hand and Australia on the other is a very strong argument against the dingo being indigenous, seeing that, whether brought by man or having travelled thither of its own accord, the dingo must have reached its present habitat by way of the Austro-Malay archipelago. The statements of his biographer to this effect accord with the impression we derive from his own poems (Carmina Nisibena, 1-2 1). "The practice of the Presbyterian churches of the present day is in accord with the first-named theory. Balmaceda then nominated a ministry not in accord with the views of congress under Senor Claudio Vicuña, whom it was no secret that Balmaceda intended to be his successor in the presidential chair, and, to prevent any expression of opinion upon his conduct in the matter, he refrained from summoning an extraordinary session of the legislature for the discussion of the estimates of revenue and expenditure for 1891. The customary statement that he was expelled from his fellowship is based on the untrustworthy biography attributed to his son Samuel Foxe, but the college records state that he resigned of his own accord and ex honesta causa. 3 I two letters Honorius expressed himself in accord with the monothelite view, for which he was denounced as heretical by the Sixth General Council and anathematized by Pope Leo II. It is true indeed that in zoological nomenclature some of these are distinguished as "voles," but this is not in accord with popular usage, where such creatures - come under the designation either of water-rats or field-mice. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. As this reaction of its own accord takes place only to a very small extent, an" oxygen carrier "is always introduced in the shape of the vapours of nitric acid or the lower oxides of nitrogen. Honda accord in a sentence - Use "honda accord" in a sentence 1. The seizure of Lincoln by Stephen in 1141 was accompanied with fearful butchery and devastation, and by an accord at Stamford William of Roumare received Kirton in Lindsey, and his tenure of Gainsborough Castle was confirmed. The trouble with leather is that, though strong, it can be heavy of its own accord and thus problematic when full of books. On Thursday, Chris bought a metallic blue 1989 Honda Accord. 9 1921 when an accord was reached between the Treasury and the Representatives on the taxation plan. The Hyoid apparatus is, in its detail, subject to many variations in accord with the very diverse uses to which the tongue of birds is III. During the Albigensian crusade it surrendered of its own accord to Simon de Montfort; and in 1356 it was raised to a countship by King John of France. Buy Used Honda accord Cars in Mumbai from CarTrade. It was held that although generally speaking every sovereign may decide to whom he will accord the right to fly his flag, yet in this case such right was limited by the general act of the Brussels conference of July 1890 relative to the African slave trade, an act which was ratified by France on the 2nd of June 1892; that accordingly the owners and master of dhows who had been authorized by France to fly the French flag before the last-named date retained this authorization TABLE II. In the following year he published a pamphlet on the currency system, which confirmed his reputation as the ablest financier of his time; but his free-trade principles did not accord with those of his party. But Cambon soon came to the conclusion that the security of France depended upon the triumph of the Mountain, and he did not hesitate to accord his active cooperation to the second committee. tertiary halogenoalkane ionizes to a very small extent of its own accord. If you have an older Honda Accord that you purchased used, you may need to access older Honda Accord owner's manuals. Accord ing to Christian writers, he was a convert to Christianity. Here are the top Honda accord listings for sale ASAP. It was only when the impossibility of realizing the "Northern Accord" became patent that his influence began to wane, and Russia sacrificed millions of roubles fruitlessly in the endeavour to carry out his pet scheme. With this the bishop of Exeter (Ornaments Rubric, p. 30) would seem to agree, when he says that "the customs of the present day do not fully accord with any reasonable interpretation of the rubric. accord sentence in English. cosmopolitan citizenship does not mean asking individuals to reject their national citizenship or to accord it a lower status. Accord Energy Accord continues to play a vital role in the procurement activity for Centrica. 0 0 473, line 14) calls OepaorEla, and his use of words generally accords better with the latter meaning. The two souls acted in accord, the soul of the animal becoming a reflection, as it were, of the soul of the god. 100 examples: At the second stage, he draws implications from this according of rights… Cosimo employed almost the last hours of his life in listening to Ficino's reading of a treatise on the highest good; while Lorenzo, in a poem on true happiness, described him as the mirror of the world, the nursling of sacred muses, the harmonizer of wisdom and beauty in complete accord. Frisbie, 5 who found that for the magnetizing forces used by Nagaoka and Honda pressure produced a small increase of magnetization, a result which appears to be in accord with theory. Prince Andrew listened attentively to Bagration's colloquies with the commanding officers and the orders he gave them and, to his surprise, found that no orders were really given, but that Prince Bagration tried to make it appear that everything done by necessity, by accident, or by the will of subordinate commanders was done, if not by his direct command, at least in accord with his intentions. officials respond that Cuba misinterpreted the accord. accord and satisfaction in a sentence - Use "accord and satisfaction" in a sentence 1. To Droysen and Kaerst it accords with the historical conditions; to Grote and to Beloch it is a betrayal of the prerogative of Hellenism. The refusal of the wives of the cabinet and of Mrs Calhoun to accord social recognition to Mrs J. The U.S. and China have just signed an accord on reducing barriers to trade. Heaven only knows who arranged all this and when, but it all got done as if of its own accord. The Alexandrian philosopher wavers between the two theories and has to accord to the Logos of Hellas a semiindependent position beside the supreme God of Judaea. His efforts to induce his master to accord lenient terms to Austria in November 1805 were futile; and he looked on helplessly while that Power was crushed, the Holy Roman Empire swept away, and the Confederation of the Rhine set up in central Europe. But the more liberal government which succeeded did not enjoy his complete confidence, and in 1865 a ministry was once more formed which was more in accord with his own ideas.