© 2020 Donan Engineering, LLC. Lead time on Cypress decking is typically 1-2 business days for most sizes and profiles up to 16' long. The first, dated 03/11/2011, number TAB-R 2011-101, is titled “Acceptable Substrate for GAF Asphalt Shingle Applications.”  The second, dated 04/11/2011, number TAB-R 2011-139, is titled “Deck Requirements for Existing Deck Boards.”  Both documents state that wood planking should be nominal 1” thick (minimum) and 6” wide (maximum). Thus, Owens Corning shingles cannot be used over the unmodified decking on this house without the likelihood of voiding the warranty. Shingle manufacturers are also requesting additional requirements. As seen in the photos, the attic framing consists of wood trusses and wood decking. . The CertainTeed suggestion of cutting the decking boards longitudinally would solve the problem of compliance with the manufacturers’ requirements as well as eliminate the expense of additional decking. Maximum moisture content is 19% for 2 x 6, 3 x 6 and 4 x 6. With its authentic wood-grain appearance, Trex Enhance Naturals offer all the charm and none of the trouble of pressure-treated lumber. This will create a new joint in the center of each board, resulting in wood decking that is narrower than 6”. The 1×8 lumber in this house conforms to that standard. I am doing all of the work accept blowing in the cellulose and having lots of help with info from the contractor but also getting second opinions with many methods. . Decking is machined to a single or double tongue and groove EVIS pattern. Re-decking over planking that has gaps is quite common on older homes. sheathing (decking) . I'm more or less asking for a general consensus here. 23/32 in. Our Timber Frame Pavilions come in 4 styles: Bridger, Jackson, Teton & Alpine. . Cypress Project Photos Cypress Wood is the perfect solution for outdoor ceiling projects. Maximum moisture content is 19% for 2 x 6, 3 x 6 and 4 x 6. The result can be unsightly buckling . To consistently provide conclusive, unbiased, and accurate forensic investigation services with the fastest turnaround time and best customer service in the industry. I _____ certify that the roof decking attachment and fasteners have been strengthened and corrected and a secondary water barrier has been provided as required by the ���Manual of Hurricane Mitigation Retrofits for Existing Site-Built Single Family Structures��� adopted by the Florida Building Commission by Rule 9B-3.047 F.A.C. Here we will focus only on the decking materials, but if you want to know the total cost to build a deck, you'll need to take into account the price of the substructure (posts, beams, and joists). In older garages, the sheathing is usually made of ���1-by��� planking (1 x 6, 1 x 8��� The roof decking is apparently composed of 1x8's, which you are thinking of overdecking, apparently to correct the springy feel of the roof. After entering the values stated above I clicked on "show results" and a 1x8 teak board passed, in all three tests. Owens Corning Shingles I've been through the benefits drawbacks and this will be a sealed hot roof. Donan is available around the clock for all of your investigation needs. The critical fasteners occur at the gable-framing member, not necessarily at the edge of the sheathing. The decking span you choose will affect the feel and potentially the safety of your deck. x 11-1/4 in. Adding an additional layer of planking would add some stiffness to the roof, but the real issue is probably the use of 2x4's as rafters, 24 inch oc, and not the use of 1x8 roof decking. Timber frame kits shipped nationwide. Is this typical up in the NE or Cutting would meet the requirements for the use of GAF and Owens Corning shingles as well. It adds proven performance and durability to new homes, room additions and renovations. It comes in 4-by-8-foot panels, as does plywood, and is commonly used interchangeably with plywood, such as for roof decking. Since the decking complies with code, how can the roofer insist that there is a problem? Too many courses of shingles/nails hitting the cracks & so on. CertainTeed is clearly implying that its warranty will be voided by any unmodified, dimensional lumber decking wider than 1×6. Portland, Maine.The walls and roof of my 1950 cape home are sheethed with 1×8 pine boards (interesting as they came from the foundation form after it was poored for the house). The contractor provided a copy of the CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual, Chapter 4, “The Roof Deck and Tearing Off of Roofing Over,” (no provenance). Our Timber Frame Pavilions come in 4 styles: Bridger, Jackson, Teton & Alpine. Residential Re-roof New roof coverings shall not be installed without first removing all existing layers of roof coverings when any of the following conditions exist: 1) the existing roofing is water soaked or is degraded to such a point that it cannot provide an acceptable base to the additional roofing. This won't delete the articles you've saved, just the list. the problem is a combination of 2 forces at work. Roof decking is southern pine as manufactured by S.I. Editor's Note: This is article 3 of 12 in the Roofs Chapter of the Old House Web Restoration Guide.This guide was developed and edited for old homes from original material in the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Rehab Guide. The contractor provided two GAF Technical Advisory Bulletins. We specialize in solutions with long-lasting benefits for your home and family because we care about your well-being. Available fully built or in kit form. No differentiation is made between the two, so the statement applies to both. I've been through the benefits drawbacks and this will be a sealed hot roof. The boards are not butted tightly; there is probably about a ¼" gap on average. Become a GBA Prime member and get full access to GBA articles, enyclopedia, videos, CAD library, and more. In a meeting on site with the contractor, he indicated the roof decking was “not up to code,” and that the decking would have to be replaced when the roof was replaced. It concluded that ���a roof is a unified product comprised of all its component parts and materials, including . . Being ideal for asphalt shingles in the early days of its creation, shiplap sits beneath the roof of many homes about thirty years old. Portland, Maine.The walls and roof of my 1950 cape home are sheethed with 1x8 pine boards (interesting as they came from the foundation form after it was poored for the house). Timber tongue and groove decking is a specialty lumber product . Unlike square footage, the board footage is a measurement of volume.It is used when purchasing multiple boards of lumber in various sizes. This is the key point: the shingle manufacturers are insisting on a new standard which goes beyond code requirements. The contractor provided documentation to support his assertion. Method for maintaining a continuous load path at the roof ridge by nailing roof … How can the problem be resolved? Storey Lumber Approximate weight of installed decking in pounds per square foot of roof surface: . SHEATHING Section 1--Overview. From section 4.1, “Installation of Owens Corning Shingles must comply with this report and the manufacturer’s published installation instructions.”  It also says that, “The roof deck must be in conformance with the applicable code, except as modified in this report,” (emphasis added). Storey Lumber Co., Inc. home; products; .”. There are 1/4 inch spaces between these boards. Sheathing is 1x8 shiplap boards (actual dimensions ¾x7¼, with ���x��� rabbets). 2) Where the existing roof covering is Other Requirements The tar paper is applied over these boards and then shingled over. WCD 2 - Tongue and Groove Roof Decking. and shingles.” 7 It reasoned that the wood shingles which served as the decking were an integral component of the roof and that the cost to replace the wood shingles was a … . 1x8 Tongue and Groove. 1x8 tongue groove decking span how far 1x8 tongue groove decking span how far t and g roof decking on-centre span in timber framing/log re: t and g roof decking on-centre span « reply 1 on: may 22 2016 12:58:43 pm you maybe able to do a 'deflection All rights reserved. Shiplap roof decking was widely used in the 50 through 80���s era when plywood hadn���t yet made its way into new construction. Nominal three and four inch decking … If you want to install trims to the end rafters, the roof decking should overhang about 3/4���. The roof is 2x6" rafters, 2" rigid foam with cellulose blown behind. Decking is machined to a single or double tongue and groove EVIS pattern. Most building codes will require 5/8" & up for decking, again depending on where you live. The documentation is illuminating. Joined Oct 17, 2009 Messages 6,039 Location Northern CO. Jun 22, 2019 #10 For example, one of the GAF bulletins states that when roofing over an existing deck, “The deck boards must have been in place for a minimum of 5 years.”  In context, the statement follows a discussion of both sheet material and dimensional lumber.