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The Cornwall Alliance is a group of involved citizens who are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in our community. We are committed to identifying projects to help improve Cornwall. It is an innovative concept that takes the talent and vision of its members and develops plans to bring those projects to fruition. What sets us apart however, is that the Cornwall Alliance embraces social networking as a means to achieve its goals.  We are an inclusive organization, working together with other Cornwall based groups such as the Cornwall Lions Club and the Cornwall Garden club and many others, to utilize the talents of those groups in unifying our community in our dedication to make Cornwall the best it can be.

Twelve years ago, Cornwall participated in an initiative called “The Cornwall Challenge*” which was a comprehensive report made up of information and research gathered by eternal experts in collaboration with a cross section of involved Cornwall citizens, including elected officials, business owners, civil servants ,and other residents. Over the course of 7 days, research was done, and information gathered, and then a report was generated with the findings and recommendations.  The initiative has been largely forgotten.  Aspects of it are occasionally rekindled but very little has been accomplished to achieve the very realistic and admirable project recommendations.

Now, as then, Cornwall is still facing the same challenges. Several issues are facing Cornwall in 2015, and they are very interdependent. The town needs more businesses and commercial ratables to ease our ever increasing tax burdens, but there is a large section of the population who moved to, or stays, in Cornwall for its rural charm and scenic landscapes.  A balance needs to be found.  The business district is in need of revitalization to attract new businesses and retain those already there. Cornwall talks about attracting tourism to provide more opportunities to support businesses, but doesn’t fully utilize the existing cultural, historical or natural resources that could attract businesses or visitors to the area.  There remains an oversupply of home for sale and in foreclosure.  School taxes are low on a per/student basis for Orange County but are still generally too high.  Town and Village taxes are also high.

By taking the initiative to elevate ideas into plans and implement those plans, the Cornwall Alliance hopes to fast-track ideas that will quickly promote Cornwall as a desirable destination for new residents, businesses and tourists.

In September 1609, Henry Hudson anchored his ship, the Half Moon, in Cornwall Bay and one of his crewmen recorded the following phrase in his journal “This is a very pleasant place to build a town on”.

Over 400 years later, There is a replica of the Half Moon that appears at local festivals and 12000 +/- residents, along with various media outlets, apparently agree it is a pleasant place to live. It is a close knit town fiercely devoted to community, sports and the arts, and was noted by Bloomberg Business News as “The Best Place in NY to Raise Kids” and by Hudson Valley Magazine as one of “The Ten Hottest Towns” in the Hudson Valley. Many organizations help to create a vibrant community, with established and new businesses supporting town activities. Cornwall is home to the world renowned Storm King Art Center, Museum of the Hudson Highlands, Black Rock Forest, an abundance of natural parklands and easy proximity to NYC.

Cornwall is a town with immense natural beauty and resources. Cornwall is also a town on the brink -with serious threats to the health and vitality of the community.