Banners, Banners Everywhere!!

on Thursday, 18 June 2015.

Banners finish what the Welcome Signs start!

Banners4 smallThe most important traffic flows into Cornwall are 9W/Quaker Rd. junction and Rt. 32/Quaker Rd intersection.  The Storm King Arts Center [SKAC] is located near the intersection of Rt. 32/Quaker.  SKAC attracts 100,000 visitors annually.  How many visit the shops and restaurants, B & B's, outfitters and special events in Cornwall?  Answer:  not enough.

The bigger question is how do they know to visit Cornwall? SKAC provides brochures and info on Cornwall to visitors - but that is very passive.  Beyond the attractive Welcome signs will be:


Strategically located throughtout Cornwall banners will festively welcome and inform visitors that Cornwall is friendly, hospitable, welcoming and open for business to meet their eating, entertainment and lodging needs.

Welcome signs on the outskirts, banners on the inskirts!

6 Banners are currently hung around the Town and Village to be judged for style, color, scale and message:

  • 9W incoming NB ramp at Quaker Ave.

  • On the Town Traffic Circle at Angola Rd.

  • On Main St. parking lot near the Town Clock

  • In front of 2 Alices

  • At Hudson St./River Rd./Duncan intersection

  • At Hudson St. /Riverside Park entrance

First installations to attract tourist traffic from these main arteries:

  • Quaker Ave. @ Rt. 32

  • 9W from Angola to Laurel Park

  • 9W @ Academy

Banners may also be used in lieu of Welcome signs East and West borders on Rt. 32

Additional banners will be placed near major attractions/institutions:

  • On Orrs Mill Rd. near Storm King Art Center entrance

  • In front of Quaker Plaza

  • In front of Mill Pond and Town Hall

  • In front of the Village Town Hall

  • In front of the Library

  • On Academy Ave. near NYMA


Banner cost is $250/banner [installed].  The cost will be borne by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, individual businesses, community groups and individual donors.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sponsor a banner!!


Town Supervisors and Council

20020-22  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor;  Council: Kerry McGuinness, Josh Wojehowski, Virginia Scott,  Helen Bunt* 

20016-19  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor;  Council: Kerry McGuinness, Michael Summerfield, Peter Russell (2018), Virginia Scott {2019),  Helen Bunt* 

20014-15  Randy Clark, Supervisor;  Council: Helen Bunt, Kerry McGuinness [1 yr], Betty Longinott, Peter Russell, Jim McGee* non-voting Deputy Supervisor

2012-13   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor, Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

20010-11   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor, Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2008-09   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor; Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2006-07   Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Kerry McGuinness Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2004-05   Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council: Randy Clark, Kerry McGuinness, [vacancy] Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2002-03   Jim Sollami, Supervisor;  Council:  Daniel Rohe, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt, David Lincoln, James Fanning*

2000-01   Helen Bunt, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Daniel Rohe, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt, David Lincoln

1998-99  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Robert Funck,  Karen Renfrey

1996-97  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Kevin Quigley, Robert Funck

1993-95  Kenn Brodmerkel, Supervisor; Council:  Anthony Cavallo, James Fanning, Kevin Quigley, Bryon Rostanzo


1989-91  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  Irving Weeks, Graham Kelder, Curt Remfrey, James Fanning

 * indicates served as Deputy Town Supervisor