Comprehensive [Master] Plan & Zoning

AirBnb Mike Drop

Ciritical zoning discussions have been interrupted by a Town Supervisor-led assault on AirBnBs.  Two complaints since 2017 have brought a firestorm of activity from the Town Supervisor and the Town Attorney to make the case for inserting new zoning language to regualate AirBnBs. 

A full 2 3/4 years have now passed since the start of the Comprehensive Plan.  9 months have passed since the land use [building] moratorium last November.  As we approach the finish line and return to normalcy, in the heat of late August when few people are paying attention or even in Town .. the Town Supervisor launches his offensive on Economic Development and a tried-and-true tradition in Cornwall of folks renting out part or all of their homes for income.   We've got to put the hammer down on these AirBnbs!

New Comprehensive Plan Update 2019

A full 2 years have now passed and we received the first draft of the new Comprehensive Plan at the first Town Board Work Session of 2019, January 7th.  I'm sure you will agree it certainly is comprehensive and very well-written.  The Comprehensive Plan Committe members are:

6 Month Building Moratorium, November 2018

Overview and Commentary

Around 20 persons spoke up at tonight’s Town Board meeting. All were interested in being heard regarding the “six month moratorium on the submission and processing of applications for Land Use Approvals with the Town of Cornwall.” There were several individuals that tried to steer the conversation to address the proposed day camp on Route 32. Well, that wasn't why we were there so the TS had to repeatedly advise that the discussion was about the moratorium. The updated comprehensive plan and eventual zoning has been planned since the process began almost two years ago [and now 11 months late]. So why are we implementing the moratorium and what does this moratorium really mean? The TS read through the first 5 specifications that described:


New Comprehensive Plan Update 2018

16 months have passed since the new Comprehensive Plan initative was announced by Supervisor Randazzo at the November 7, 2016 Town Board Work Session.  Councilman Kerry McGuinness has headed the committee as he had in the 2011 iteration.  The review process was anticipated to take as long as a year. Currnetly, after a holiday break, the committee anticipates a delivery date of the completed document of around June. 


Economic Development Advisory Committee

At the November 7, 2016 Town Board Work Session, Bill Braine, Chair of the Town's Economic Development Advisory Committee, presented the EDAC's view of how the Town can move forward with some of the many projects outlined in the Glynwood Study.  Many of the suggestions outlined in that document that have been incorporated into the Town's 2011 Comprehensive Plan. You can find the EDAC document in the upper right of this page or click here. Reaction from the TB was tepid at best. Helen Bunt was openly dismissive of the Main Street plaza idea. Even though the TB has had the information since June, The Supervisor, speaking for the TB [minus one - myself] asked that the TB be given time to review the proposal ... Bill, come back in January to review further.

New Comprehensive Plan Underway 2016

It was announced by Supervisor Randazzo at the November 7, 2016 Town Board Work Session, that Kerry McGuinness would again be heading the committee to review the document as he had in the 2011 iteration. The review process can take as long as a year. What is important is that the document incorporate forward looking view of the Town's identity, vision and potential projects so that when requesting grants there is a uniformity in what the Town is pursuing. Grantors now require that tie-in of inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan for projects for which the Town is applying. Otherwise the Town would be considered being simply opportunistically chasing possible funds. The committee to review the Comprehensive Plan is now being formed. Email us if this page is not updated by year-end 2016.

The Current Master Plan - 2011

Today's Master Plan is esentially based on the previous Master Plan of 2005 - which incorporated many of the findings of the Glynwood Study conducted in 2000-01.  Kerry McGuinness led the effort to update the 2005 to include the radical change in the economic scenario experienced during the "Great Recession."  Currently most would agree the economy has rebounded - but not so much here in Orange County.  Still, the 2011 study is already  outdated.  

Most obviously, little has been achieved to address the 52 items oulined by the Glynwood Study.  

The following have been addressed by the Town Board in the 15 years since:

The Original Master Plan, Circa 1994

The Master Plan for Cornwall was orignally created in 1994 by the Planning Board.  The Planning Board consisted of:

  1. Town Supervisor:   
  2. Council Member:
  3. Council Member:
  4. Council Member:
  5. Council Member
  6. Chair, Planning Committee

[Analysis coming soon!]

Town Supervisors and Council

20020-22  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor;  Council: Kerry McGuinness, Josh Wojehowski, Virginia Scott,  Helen Bunt* 

20016-19  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor;  Council: Kerry McGuinness, Michael Summerfield, Peter Russell (2018), Virginia Scott {2019),  Helen Bunt* 

20014-15  Randy Clark, Supervisor;  Council: Helen Bunt, Kerry McGuinness [1 yr], Betty Longinott, Peter Russell, Jim McGee* non-voting Deputy Supervisor

2012-13   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor, Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

20010-11   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor, Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2008-09   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor; Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2006-07   Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Kerry McGuinness Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2004-05   Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council: Randy Clark, Kerry McGuinness, [vacancy] Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2002-03   Jim Sollami, Supervisor;  Council:  Daniel Rohe, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt, David Lincoln, James Fanning*

2000-01   Helen Bunt, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Daniel Rohe, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt, David Lincoln

1998-99  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Robert Funck,  Karen Renfrey

1996-97  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Kevin Quigley, Robert Funck

1993-95  Kenn Brodmerkel, Supervisor; Council:  Anthony Cavallo, James Fanning, Kevin Quigley, Bryon Rostanzo


1989-91  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  Irving Weeks, Graham Kelder, Curt Remfrey, James Fanning

 * indicates served as Deputy Town Supervisor