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Well Monitoring - Skoufis

While we’ve lost the battle over the Wells – we do have a champion regarding our rights.  Then-Assemblyman James Skoufis introduced a bill in the State Assembly in 2018 to require public disclosure of monitoring reports of the water withdrawals from the Mountainville wells.  Current Senator James Skoufis has now introduced an identical bill [wondering why Larkin didn't introduce it in 2018] in the Senate.  ... Read More ....

KJ Pipeline Proposed Re-Route Through Cornwall

The informational meeting on Tuesday, July 13rd was very complex. This is my best attempt at covering the salient issues - I can't guarantee the accuracy. It is interesting that neither the Cornwall Local nor the Times Herald Record were there to cover it. As you all know, the Kiryas Joel [KJ] Pipeline is planned to continue from where it left off at the Mountainville wells.

Phase II will eventually reach the New Windsor connection point to the NYC Aqueduct on Riley Rd. The original planned route is along Rt. 32 to 5 Corners where it will head west on Rt. 94 to Riley Rd. and from there to the New Windsor water connection facility to tap into New Windsor’s NYC aqueduct connection. Cornwall-on-Hudson’s connection is at the same location – though distinct from the Town of New Windsor’s connection.

The proposal discussed at the informational meeting is for KJ to use Holloran Rd. (east of I-87) and Palamino Rd.(west of I-87) in Cornwall as a bypass to the original route, thereby minimizing the traffic disruption and impact on 5 Corners. KJ’s preference is to use an existing State, 

So we’ve lost the battle over the Wells – What does it mean?

So we’ve lost the battle over the Wells – What does it mean?  It isn’t the end of the world.  If the well is as robust as KJ’s engineers have suggested, then no harm done other than the insult of having a neighboring municipality sucking an asset out from under us – against our wishes.  Since there is no water rights law that protects us [thank you NY State Legislature], we have no recourse.  However, if the well is not as robust ...

Article 78 filed against DEC Dismissed by Court

The Town of Cornwall along with the Village of Cornwall on Hudson, The Town and Village of Woodbury, Black Rock Fish and Game Club, Henry N. Christiansen, Susan Webber Christiansen and Sevinch Bridges filed an Article 78 against the DEC [Department of Environmental Conservation] alleging that the DEC did not perform its duties in the consideration of arguments against the permit granted by the DEC to the Village of Kiryas Joel to draw up to 609,000 gallons of water daily from wells beneath the Town of Cornwall. [ Article in process]





What is an Article 78 lawsuit and why does the Town need to file one immediately?

The DEC clearly ignored its mandate to protect the environment and the rights and needs of affected municipalities and their residents and bowed to political pressure when it approved the Village of Kiryas Joel’s petition to withdraw 600,000 gallons/day from the Woodbury aquifer via wells to be drilled on their 9.7 acres on Rt. 32. The Town has done nothing to challenge to the DEC decision – let alone prevent overuse.


KJ's "detailed" Responses to Comments from the DEC Public Hearing, April 29,2014

Here are KJ's "detailed" responses to the 160 written and oral presentations at the DEC Public Hearing, April 29, 2014. The DEC was supposed to review and comment and take action based on the arguments presented. We now know that DEC approved the KJ petition to access the wells with out benefit of any analysis of the arguments. See how many times you can spot the following phrases:

Unspecified future development of Cornwall are simply not within the scope of inquiry for this permit

The [contested] pump testing confirmed tht the Mountainville Well could safely yield at 425 GPM without significant impacts to surrounding wells.

Details of KJ (as Lead Agency) Responses to the Comments at the DEC Public Hearing, April 29, 2014 

Summary of Community Meeting, Thursday October 8th

Jackie and Rey Hernandez convened and hosted a nearly spontaneous Community Meeting on Thursday, October 8th from 6:30 - 8:30PM at their business, The Ark of Learning.  The location was very apropos because everyone who attend got an education about the Route 32 Mountainville wells, the process KJ undertook to acquire access, what the Super-8 coalition of Towns and Villages plans to do about it and what we can do.  Read on for all the details.

DEC's Responsibility Regarding Water Rights

What is the DEC required to review when granting rights to a water works corporation?  Reed the listing below and see if you can identify how many of the criteria the DEC has compromised in it's approval of the Village of Kiryas Joels permit to tap into the Woodbury aquifer through wells to be dug on property bought in Cornwall.


The Final Word on the Rt. 32 Wells

Here’s the final word on the Rt. 32 wells … they don’t exist.  No wells.  Just a 9.7 acre property  that was available on the open market along with 4 other parcels that comprised an additional 151 acres.  

Phase 1: Controlling our wells.

Town Council candidates Richard Randazzo, Michael Summerfield and Peter Erwin have submitted the following initial and immediate steps [excerpts of original letter to theTown Board] to preventing the Village of Kiryas Joel to the Cornwall Town Council on Monday, July 9, 2015:


How did KJ Get the Mountainville [Rt. 32] Wells??

See Final Analysis

The "Mountainville Wells" are comprised of a 9.7 acre KJ Village-owned Mountainville Pump Station parcel on NYS Route 32 in the Town of Cornwall at the Cornwall/Woodbury line. The acreage was acquired by Kiryas Joel from the Houghton Farm properties and is approximately 2 miles south of the Star Expansion site.



KJ Pipe Diameter Controversy 18" or 24" Approved??

There is a lot of controversy and misinformation regarding the legitimacy of the diameter of the KJ pipeline.  The 24" pipe received all the permits required - you need to read the details in the lawsuit filed by the Villages of Woodbury and Harriman and the Town of Woodbury in 2013.  The Town and Villages didn't do a proper review of the final plans and Cornwall never even showed up for the review or participated in the suit.   KJ snuck it through in plain sight according to the outcome of the suit.

How did Cornwall lose the Star Expansion Wells?

Not to be confused with the Rt. 32 wells

At the final meeting of Dick Randazzo’s tenure as Town Supervisor for his 1998-99 term, on December 13, 1999, a letter was presented to the Town Board inviting the Town Board to accept an offer of the Star Wells at no cost as part of a bankruptcy proceeding.  Dick Randazzo’s final action as Supervisor was to oversee approval of acceptance of the offer with all Board Members voting Aye:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Mary Beth Greene-Kraft and Robert Funk.

The topic was next addressed at the May 22, 2000 Town Board Meeting under Town Supervisor Helen Bunt’s oversight.   The paper trail stops here - more information needed.  Comment below or email us.

Why Cornwall Needs to Worry About It's Water Supply

Did you know the New York City aqueduct is leaking out of control in Wawarsing? Flooding basements on a regular basis? By 2021 the aqueduct will need to be shut down to repair the leaks - sooner if there is a major breach or collapse of the tunnel. Be glad you won't be a resident of New York City! Are our reservoirs sufficient to see us through an extended period without access to the New York City aqueduct? What if KJ gets access to the Mountainville wells? Read this news story and draw your own conclusions! Fighting the KJ pipeline should be priority #1 for Cornwall.Read this news story and draw your own conclusions!  Fighting the KJ pipeline should be priority #1 for Cornwall.

Why is the Moodna Creek so dry? Answer:

[Michael Summerfield] I attended a meeting of the Moodna Watershed Intermunicipal Council’s Science and Data Committee this past Friday, September 26th, 2014.  They were considerate enough to add my request regarding Mountainville’s concern about the Moodna Creek water level to their list of agenda items.  The answer to the question:  “Is the Village of Kiryas Joel’s water withdrawal from the wells they control in the Village of Woodbury affecting the water level of the Moodna Creek?”  is "Unlikely."  Full story link is beneath the drought chart.  This is a layman's understanding of the geology.  Resources and further meetings are listed at the bottom of this post.

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Town Supervisors and Council

20020-22  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor;  Council: Kerry McGuinness, Josh Wojehowski, Virginia Scott,  Helen Bunt* 

20016-19  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor;  Council: Kerry McGuinness, Michael Summerfield, Peter Russell (2018), Virginia Scott {2019),  Helen Bunt* 

20014-15  Randy Clark, Supervisor;  Council: Helen Bunt, Kerry McGuinness [1 yr], Betty Longinott, Peter Russell, Jim McGee* non-voting Deputy Supervisor

2012-13   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor, Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

20010-11   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor, Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2008-09   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor; Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2006-07   Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Kerry McGuinness Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2004-05   Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council: Randy Clark, Kerry McGuinness, [vacancy] Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2002-03   Jim Sollami, Supervisor;  Council:  Daniel Rohe, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt, David Lincoln, James Fanning*

2000-01   Helen Bunt, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Daniel Rohe, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt, David Lincoln

1998-99  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Robert Funck,  Karen Renfrey

1996-97  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Kevin Quigley, Robert Funck

1993-95  Kenn Brodmerkel, Supervisor; Council:  Anthony Cavallo, James Fanning, Kevin Quigley, Bryon Rostanzo


1989-91  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  Irving Weeks, Graham Kelder, Curt Remfrey, James Fanning

 * indicates served as Deputy Town Supervisor