Geese/Swan Management

Save the Swan - Give it a better home!

If you want the Town to care for wildlife, you have the wrong Town Board. innumerable trees have been cut, graffiti that was cleared from the Storm King Highway overlook has returned because preventing it isn't our job, Bike & Hikes on the scenic highway are too dangerous, litter is someone else's problem. Doesn't anyone wonder what became of the other swan? Read on ....

Letter to Cornwall Town Board: Geese Mgmt.

[Elaine Sloan]  I strongly recommend that if a Committee is created to review humane methods of goose control, it should be made up of local residents and not include the USDA which is obviously biased toward killing. If they are on the committee, then a counterpart such as The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) should be on the committee to give it balance.

Greenwich CT Efforts on Geese Control

These Questions should look familiar because all communities affected by the FDA geese elimination program are wondering if there is a better solution. Questions:

  • What are resident Canada geese and how do they differ from migratory Canada geese?
  • Why be concerned with resident Canada geese populations?
  • What kinds of problems do they cause?
  • What is the Town of Greenwich doing to solve with this problem now?
  • What happens if we do nothing?

Managing the Geese - Overview


[Elaine Sloan]  In the spring, the Cornwall Town Board accepted the USDA request to come to Cornwall, round up the geese and ship them to slaughter! This was an extremely inhumane and brutal treatment of innocent animals. Of course, because the environment hasn't been changed in any way to deter the geese, more geese have come to the watering places to replace the geese that were killed.

Humane Solution for Geese Management

Goosinator for Cornwall!?

Geese Management

It is heartless and cruel to be nonchalant about slaughtering the geese that have taken up residency at the Mill Pond and other locations in the area.  And I don't buy the "feeding the homeless" gimmick either.  Geese can be managed through a variety of means and here is my favorite:

Goosinator passes test in Garfield, keeping geese off fields

Town Supervisors and Council

20020-22  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor;  Council: Kerry McGuinness, Josh Wojehowski, Virginia Scott,  Helen Bunt* 

20016-19  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor;  Council: Kerry McGuinness, Michael Summerfield, Peter Russell (2018), Virginia Scott {2019),  Helen Bunt* 

20014-15  Randy Clark, Supervisor;  Council: Helen Bunt, Kerry McGuinness [1 yr], Betty Longinott, Peter Russell, Jim McGee* non-voting Deputy Supervisor

2012-13   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor, Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

20010-11   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor, Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2008-09   Kevin Quigley, Supervisor; Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Betty Longinott, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2006-07   Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  Randy Clark, Al Mazzaco, Kerry McGuinness Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2004-05   Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council: Randy Clark, Kerry McGuinness, [vacancy] Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt*

2002-03   Jim Sollami, Supervisor;  Council:  Daniel Rohe, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt, David Lincoln, James Fanning*

2000-01   Helen Bunt, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Daniel Rohe, Mary Beth Greene-Kraftt, David Lincoln

1998-99  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Robert Funck,  Karen Renfrey

1996-97  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  James Fanning, Helen Bunt, Kevin Quigley, Robert Funck

1993-95  Kenn Brodmerkel, Supervisor; Council:  Anthony Cavallo, James Fanning, Kevin Quigley, Bryon Rostanzo


1989-91  Richard Randazzo, Supervisor; Council:  Irving Weeks, Graham Kelder, Curt Remfrey, James Fanning

 * indicates served as Deputy Town Supervisor